Choose the Makeup for the Year of the Ox

The Ox loves comfort and coziness. If there is such an opportunity, it would generally stay at home. It is so nice to sit by the cozy fireplace with an interesting book and a cup of tea or coffee. Even outside its house the Ox creates a cozy atmosphere around itself. It is happy to wear comfortable shoes without heels and clothes of a "casual" style.

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Choose the Makeup for the Year of the Ox Choose the Makeup for the Year of the Ox

The Ox treats bright colors ambiguously. On the one hand, it may not like vivid colors in makeup. Everyone knows the expression, "red rag to a bull," which means that something has awoken bad feelings. On the other hand, all of us periodically need to let out our emotions. Therefore, it's up to you to decide whether to wear red or not.

Makeup in the year of the Ox is a minimal and all-conquering naturalness. Yet it is also bright "war paint" for the brave, temperamental persons. These two areas are completely opposite to each other, you have to think carefully about what to choose.

It should be noted that the Year of the Ox makeup places increased demands on the state and appearance of the skin. The Ox is thorough, purposeful, and responsible. It wants to be the best at everything.

Makeup trends in 2009, the Year of the Yellow Ox

2009 was marked by the Yellow (Earth) Ox. The trends were natural and pleasant brownish shades ranging from light beige to brick-red. In summer turquoise was especially popular, which emphasized golden tan and was perfectly combined with beige by shading it and giving the face some expressiveness and more spice.

Top manufacturers pleased women of fashion with wide color palettes for eye shadows, lipsticks, and lip glosses. There were a lot of innovative tools for the care of the eyebrows. Far behind are the times when the eyebrows were outlined only by a conventional pencil; women who like novelties had the opportunity to try new eye shadows and mechanical fatty eyebrow pencils. The Earth Element enhances the practicality and validity of the Ox, who prefers to consider any question comprehensively, in close connection with the others.

Makeup in the year of the Yellow Ox is a holistic, harmonious ensemble in which everything is interconnected.

What Makeup will be Trendy in 2021 the Year of the White Ox

2021 will be the year of the White (Metal) Ox. It is recommended to greet it in golden or silver outfits, with a radiant and brilliant makeup. Let everything shine: eye shadows, lipstick, blush, and even your hairstyle! Sequins and rhinestones on New Year's night will definitely not be superfluous. Strong and immovable, the Ox will appreciate your efforts and will bring you good luck.

Also trendy is white, various shades of gray, and light green and dark green.

The Ox is not against experiments, so choose the makeup according to your mood and circumstances.

New Makeup trends in the Year of the Blue Ox

2033 will take place under the sign of the Blue (Water) Ox. The water element contains an inherent pliability and flexibility, so makeup in the year of the Water Ox will be easily transformed from everyday to evening makeup. This will require some skills and experience, but it is worth it to try them, especially if you are a business woman indifferent to fashion issues.

The peaceful and herbivorous Ox endorses the quiet shades of blue, light blue, turquoise, violet, pistachio, and the color of fresh greens. Enough wide palettes provide unlimited opportunities for self-expression. It is quite possible that by 2033 something will appear that this day is simply impossible to guess!

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