Types of Makeup

As they say, a stitch in time saves nine. This means that there should be aright place anda right time for everything - the spoon should go for lunch, a coat for winter, gifts for the holiday, etc. The same can be said about makeup. “War paint”at the workplacewill look vulgar, while discreet officemakeup at a nightclub will look plain. It is unlikely that there is at least one girl in the world who wants to look plain, not to mention vulgar. So it is important to knowthe different types ofmakeup and how to use them appropriately.

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There is a myriad of makeup types,and their names help us understand when to use them. Office makeup is natural, and it lacks gaudy, bright colors and sharp lines. First of all, people go to the officeto work, not to attract the attention of others. At the same time,however, one should not go to the other extreme and completely refuseto wearmakeup during the day, justifying it with lack of time or an unwillingness to stand out. One should aim for the "golden mean".A light amount of makeupnever hurt anyone!

Wedding makeupshould be romantic and incredibly resistant.A bride should not only wear a white dress and a veil and hold a bouquet of flowers, she should also wear makeup on her face so that she may look her very best in front of the many cameras and camcorders.You will keep the photos from your wedding for a lifetime, so treat wedding makeup with the utmost seriousness. It has to be perfect.

The same can be said about the makeup for photoshoots. If you do not consider yourself an expert in makeup, it is better not to spare money and entrust its application to professionals.

Somepeople have the impression that different makeup styles place certain limits, restrict imagination, or crop inspiration,butthat is notso. The different makeupstyles provide a general direction, and its application is entirely in your hands. In addition, there are makeupstyles that provide great opportunities for creativity.

A prime example of this istheatrical(role) makeup. This type of makeup is only applied on special occasions such as for a party, a carnival, or any theatrical performance. If you require this type of makeup, do not limit yourself. We encourage you to create bright, bold, fantastic, and amazing images, which will surely be unforgettable.

We wish you success in mastering thedifferent types of makeup!

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