Choosing a Makeup Style

What is usually meant by the word “style”? Style refers tothe way you dress, behave, think, and live. We often hear “lifestyle,”“management style,”“it’s his style”... makeup also has different styles, different directions. The same way as clothes, it creates a certain feminine image.

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Think about the things you like. What are the thingsthat attract and interest you? What do you want to tell the world about yourself? Makeup styles help you accomplish just that. Moreover, they sometimes influence our behavior and the events happening around us.

Oriental (Arabic) Makeup

Japanese Geisha Look

The Gothic Look

The Vamp Look

Retro Makeup

Emo Makeup Style

The Great Gatsby Makeup

1960s Makeup

1980s Makeup

Romantic Makeup

Makeup without make-up

Light Sports Makeup

Wear oriental makeup and the woman will begin to move and speak like oriental beauty. Provocative gothic makeup will make any girl look gloomy. Gatsby makeup givesyou reason to behave refined and elegant. While romantic makeup creates a certain mood not only for you but also for those who you are going to communicatewith.

In general, makeup styles define a lot of things. The main thing is to choose therightstyle for you, not only by the type of appearance or faceshape but also by the mood you want to achieve. Take the emo style, for example.If you are not interested in this style, you will likely feel uncomfortable sporting a similar makeup style. It is better to choose something close and clear to you so that you can reveal yourtrue identity and shine.

On the other hand, sometimes you want to experiment and try something new. Study pictures of different makeup styles, watch videos,and start creating! Just keep in mind that everything should be appropriate. Theatrical makeup is appropriate fora carnival or a party, and office makeup is applied to go to the office. When choosing makeup styles, some peopleare guided by their own mood or fashion, but the relevance of the stylealso plays an important role.

makeup in the Arab style makeup in the Arab style photos: @arvvj_
Make-up in style of emo Make-up in style of emo photos: @emo_makeup

Speaking of makeupstyles, we should not forget about the other components of your image—hair, manicure, clothes, and accessories. All details must be in harmony with each other, complimenting and reinforcing each other. Light gym makeup is not suitable for evening dress to wear out,and retro makeup will look strange in combination with running shoes and a sports suit.

Makeupstyles are something that should be constantly studied, acquiring knowledge, consulting with stylists, and improving your skills.

Makeupstyles makes us who we are and who we want to be.

We wish you success in their mastering!

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