What Is the Best Lipstick Color for You?

It is not so simple to choose the best color lipstick. Often you see a lipstick in the store and you like it and it seems great - a beautiful color, a well-known brand, an interesting design, reasonable price... but you take this lipstick home and are disappointed after the first use because you find that it does not suit you at all.

Many girls have a "reserve" of such unfortunately acquired makeup. You are sorry to throw it away, you do not want to use it, there is no one to give it to, and so it lies for a long time in the makeup kit or you move it from shelf to shelf.

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If you don't want this "reserve" to increase, we'll talk about the best color lipstick for you.

So what things should you consider when choosing a lipstick?

First, consider the parts of your face that you want to highlight. If the focus is on the eyes, the lips should not stand out. Second, consider the size and volume of your lips. Dark lipstick of saturated, bright colors is suitable for large, full lips. Light pearly lipstick will suit narrow and small lips and will visually make them look bigger. Dark shades are usually bad for thin lips.

Also consider your age. Young girls should avoid using too bright lipsticks; it is preferable to use a lip gloss. Older ladies can use any lipstick without any of these restrictions.

Next, don't forget about your skin color. Pale women should avoid using brown lipstick because it will add years to their age. On the other hand, if you have a tan, avoid using bright, cool colors as this will look strange on someone with a darker complexion.

You should also consider the color of your hair and eyes. By tradition, women with light hair should use bright lipstick. Red-haired girls should use a lipstick of brownish and terracotta shades. Finally, brunettes should choose from juicy, bright colors.

Other things to take into account are the color of your clothes, the time of the year, and the place you intend to go to. When shopping, take as much time as you need to choose a lipstick. Your reward will be a good purchase that will not just lie there but will be used extensively and will make you happy more than once. Lipstick is a product which can help you create a fantastic, stunning look. Take your time with it. Lipstick is a symbol of female attractiveness, the source of our strength.

Choose your lipstick correctly!

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