Makeup That Matches Eye Color

Choosing makeup that matches your eye color is one of the main problems that many girls run into. The right makeup colors can accentuate the natural beauty, color, and expressiveness of your eyes. At the same time, mistakes in the choice of colors can result in eyes that look dull and expressionless.

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How to choose makeup for eye color How to choose makeup for eye color
Tastefully chosen makeup eye color Tastefully chosen makeup eye color

The following mistakes are the most common:

★ Choosing colors that you like but that you know do not suit you—Really liking a certain color does not mean that it is right for you. Give preference to colors that best suit your eye and face shape as well as your eye color.

★ A thoughtless following of fashion—Fashion trends change quite quickly. It’s great if they coincide with colors suitable for you. Otherwise, don’t try to recreate the makeup look you saw in the latest issue of a glossy magazine.

★ Too much pearl—Pearly eyeshadows are the choice of young girls! Otherwise, please refrain from this shiny and shimmering shade as it will only emphasize your age.

★ Eyeshadows that match the color of your clothing—If you wear a purple sundress, this is not a reason to use purple eyeshadows. Do not do this if you do not want to look ridiculous.

★ Abuse of black eyeliner or eye pencil—In fact, brown eyeliner is preferable in many cases because black attracts too much attention.

To determine a suitable color palette, you can use the color wheel. Working with the color wheel will give you much pleasure and reveal a lot of combinations for you to try. Contrasting colors that are opposite each other are most harmoniously combined. To expand the palette, a triangle or a square is made in the color wheel.

But if the color wheel is not for you, use the ready-made tips and tricks of professional makeup artists. Only then will you achieve excellent results and surprise the people around you with the bright color of your eyes. Even if your eyes have a complex, composite dull tone, eyeliner and eyeshadows can make your eyes more expressive and create a truly stunning image. The same applies to the so-called “eye chameleons” whose eye color changes depending on the light or clothing.

Eyes are the windows to the soul. People pay a lot of attention to them and a lot of that attention depends on how well your eye makeup is done. Keep this in mind when choosing the color of your eye makeup and treat this task carefully.

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