Which Mascara and Eye Pencil is the Best for Teal Eyes?

Women with teal eyes have lots of special qualities. They are very purposeful and always know what they want. In addition they are not very sensitive. On the other hand they have a very practical and at the same time creative character. Women with teal eyes like to explore and discover something new. That is why they often make different experiments with their make-up. They often choose the color of their hair and try new stylish things.

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 Which Mascara and Eyeliner is the Best for Teal Eyes? Which Mascara and Eyeliner is the Best for Teal Eyes?
Mascara Teal Eyes - How to Choose - the Secrets of Stylists Makeup Artists Mascara Teal Eyes - How to Choose - the Secrets of Stylists Makeup Artists

Moreover people with teal eyes have a very strong personality. They always try to be in charge of the process. In other words they are natural born leaders. It is impossible to argue with a woman who has teal eyes. They are always right and can sometimes be even stubborn. They do not accept the rules of the game and try to live with no limits.

Women with teal eyes do many things unexpectedly on impulse. They follow their own wishes and opinions. You will rarely meet a woman with teal eyes who evaluates logic more than her emotions and feelings.

What Mascara is the Best Choice for Teal Eyes?

In case you want to stress attractiveness of this unforgettable color, you need to use mascara of pure colors. You can use both blue and teal mascara. In case you want to make your make-up even more extraordinary, you can also use violet, purple or even silver mascara. Every woman must choose her own color which suits not only her tastes and demands, but also her appearance and make-up.

There are lots of brands which are famous all over the world. They offer you all kinds of colors. They include such popular names as Oriflame, Max Factor and L’Oreal.

Teal eyes do not need any make-up. They have their special natural beauty. But if you want to look really great, you need to choose mascara and eye pencil correctly in order to create a real miracle. They will help you to make the look of your eyes brighter and more expressive.

A Pencil to stress Teal Eyes

Your daily make-up may only include mascara. But if we speak about Friday evening, you will need something special. In such situation eye pencil is inevitable part of your make-up. If you want to stress the color of your eyes you will need gold-brown, dark-brown, violet, dark-grey of blue eye pencil. These colors will help you to make your make-up more expressive in combination with mascara and eye shadows of the same color.

Do you know that natural teal eyes can change their color in accordance to your make-up? All above mentioned variants of mascara and eye pencils is the best choice for all shades of blue eyes. The only difference is that they will stress your make-up in a different way. For example, you are not recommended to use bright and deep colors if you have teal eyes and vice versa.

In case you want to look attractive, light colors will be the best bet for teal eyes. Try to use more of brown, grey and blue color. The most common color of blue eyes is grey-blue. Its shade will depend on the make-up you choose. It can make them even grey in combination of specific colors. You can also use this feature in order to create different characters according to your mood. Blue clothes will also help you to stress the color and beauty of your eyes. However you should try several variants of make-up in order to choose the one that will suit all your tastes and demands.

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