Types of Eye Makeup

Life is beautiful and full of variety. Strenuous work and active leisure, meetings with friends, romantic dates, trips to the theater, and shopping. Everyone knows that it is necessary to dress accordingly but sometimes makeup is forgotten. But it also should be equally adjusted to the situation and to your individual peculiarities.

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Types of eye make-up - and a variety of features Types of eye make-up - and a variety of features
The names of species of eye make-up - all collected here The names of species of eye make-up - all collected here

There are different types of eye makeup. They can be classified depending on the colors, eye shape, and techniques of fulfillment. Classification can even depend on the destination or time of day. Thus, day makeup is very different from evening makeup—bridal makeup from age makeup.

Going to work, do not overload your face with cosmetics. Wide black wings, dense shadows, and bright lipstick will look ridiculous at the office. Firstly, attention should be paid to facial skin during the day, ensuring that it is smooth and without visible defects. Lips and eyes should not be much excelled much. Bright "war paint" can cause confusion and unnecessary questions from colleagues and staff.

Going to the gym or on a walk, many girls choose to go with natural makeup. It is virtually invisible on the face, although it is not an indicator that it is easy to apply. Nude makeup requires experience and certain skills. But, with practice, you'll get great results and your look will be more expressive and fresh. Those around you will be left wondering how you manage to look good with almost no makeup on your face.

The classical scheme of eye makeup The classical scheme of eye makeup
Types of eye makeup in pictures Types of eye makeup in pictures

When going out on a date, to a festive party, the theater, or a restaurant you can afford to try on something special. In the evening, under artificial light, spectacular evening eye makeup that uses unusual techniques are appropriate. You must shine in both a literal and figurative sense. So, feel free to create something new—use bright colors, such as pearl or tinsel types. The widely known smokey eуes technique, with its smooth transitions and deep shades, is appropriate here as always. Do not forget that smokey eyes can be done not only gray but also in brown, beige, and green tones.

Choose what is right for you because any makeup requires an individual approach. No two people are absolutely the same, and makeup should be individually different as well.

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