How to Apply Lip Makeup Using Red Matte Lipstick

How do you apply lip makeup using red matte lipstick? Every woman, sooner or later, has this question. Red lipstick is classic, it is a symbol of sex appeal and inner freedom. When wearing a red shade of lipstick, it is almost as if you are someone else and you look at the world a little differently: you feel bolder, more confident, and more daring. You start playing by your own rules and get everything you want. No wonder this color is preferred by Hollywood stars such as the unforgettable Marilyn Monroe or Scarlett Johansson. For millions of women, red lipstick long ago turned into something more than just a makeup product.

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Classics of the genre - makeup with red matte lipstick Classics of the genre - makeup with red matte lipstick
Red matte lipstick - a seductive lip makeup Red matte lipstick - a seductive lip makeup

In order to apply red matte lipstick

you must remember this main thing: this type of color does not tolerate flaws. Yellowish teeth are the first in the list of such flaws. Unfortunately, not all women can boast white teeth. If you fall under this category, you should avoid using a red lipstick of warmer tones. Choose cold berry shades instead.

Second, pay attention to your face. Red lipstick accentuates all flaws with no mercy, so you have to fight with them constantly. However, it is necessary to fight with them in any case, even if you don't plan to wear red matte lipstick. Greasy shine is the worst! Pimples and enlarged pores will be more visible if you have bright red lips as well. Care for the skin, cleanse and tone it regularly, and use only good foundation and powder. The skin of one’s face should not glisten.

We should also note that the matte lipstick better suits full lips. Women with thin lips should choose pearl shades that shine to visually increase lip size. However, it all depends on the individual, and red matte lipstick can look stylish, unusual, and interesting on thin lips.

But if you really want to, do not deny your desire and use red lipstick!

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