The Best Ideas for Makeup in the Year of the Tiger

The predatory Tiger does not accept half measures. It creates makeup using a whole set of cosmetic products - from concealer and tone to several layers of mascara. Whatever happens, the Tiger is in full combat readiness, nobody has ever managed to catch it by surprise. Always smart and always neat, it will appreciate these qualities in others. If you want to please the Tiger, pay more attention to your appearance.

Makeup in the year of the Tiger consists of bright colors and bold prints; it is a riot of colors and unusual shapes. The Tiger is not afraid to challenge popular beliefs. It is confident that it is the one to create new opinions.

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The Best Ideas for Makeup in the Year of the Tiger The Best Ideas for Makeup in the Year of the Tiger

Its impulsiveness and mood swings do not interfere but instead contribute to the creative experiment inspired by the use of new tools and techniques.

The most current makeup trends in 2010, the Year of White (Metal) Tiger

2010 was marked by the White (Metal) Tiger. The Metal Tiger is strongly expressed in the masculine; it is characterized by increased aggressiveness, but at the same time vulnerability. The Tiger likes to be at the epicenter of events as it feels natural in any situation, so the trend at that time was saturated shades of eye shadows and bright lipstick and lip gloss.

However, sometimes the Tiger also wants something quieter and even ordinary. In the year of the White Tiger it is especially important to wear the color white and variations of silvery shades. Milky white, blue and white, the color of ice cream, light beige, and silvery blue are all colors that found a "second wind" in 2010.

Choosing makeup for 2022, the Year of the Blue (Water) Tiger

2022 will be the year of the Blue (Water) Tiger. It is essentially characterized by a certain inconsistency. Uncompromising, the Tiger comes to grips with the supple and flexible water element, and it is impossible to predict what will happen in the end. We can surely say that trendy colors will be blue, turquoise, cornflower blue, dark blue, and purple. These colors should be used to greet the New Year on the Eastern calendar.

However, not everyone likes these colors - so you can try black and yellow or a black and brown "tiger" pattern both in makeup and in clothes. This is a rather unusual but effective method from which you will definitely get your share of admiration and enjoy a moment of glory. The Tiger likes all "animal" prints: even if the pattern imitates the skin of a zebra, a giraffe, or a jaguar. We can neglect the normal rules this year and use the "animal" theme on a grand scale, not only in individual accessories and details.

The Tiger will be flattered by your zeal and enthusiasm.

Let us Look at the Year of the Green (Wood) Tiger – Makeup in 2034

2034 will be held under the auspices of the Green (Wood) Tiger. Wood is committed to peace, tranquility, and harmony, partly muffling and curbing the unpredictable gusts of the Tiger. Makeup in the year of the Green (Wood) Tiger will become more natural and less invasive. This is the makeup of a businesslike, confident, intelligent, and ambitious person.

Green colors, ranging from pale green and ending with a deep and rich grass green color, are welcome. The Tiger knows how to correctly apply green colors, and the phrase "black dog" is for sure not related. The awe-inspiring predator easily sneaks into the thicket of the rainforest; it is master of the situation and had everything under control. No wonder the Tiger is held in great respect in Asian countries. It is depicted in paintings and on porcelain vases, people write songs and legends about it. Let us show our respect to the Tiger to attract good luck and prosperity into our lives!

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