Eye Pencil Makeup Technique

To feel like a real artist, creating bright, expressive images as you correct the shape of your eyes is possible with the eye pencil makeup technique.

What are its main advantages?

★ Durability. Compared to eyeshadows, eye pencils do not run and they retain a fresh appearance longer.

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★ Expressive, clear boundaries and lines. No matter how much you try, eyeshadows won’t help you achieve this effect.

★ The possibility of self-expression. Eye pencils allow you to create entire works of art on your face.

★ Easy to apply. Have you ever painted with watercolors? Or sketched a drawing with a pencil? Surely, you remember which method is easier.

What do you need?

★ Eye pencils with a soft formula. Mineral-based eye pencils provide a good portrayal and they are easy to shade with, so it is not necessary to apply hard and painful pressure on the skin when using them.

★ Eyeshadows.

★ Different types of brushes.

★ Mascara. Without mascara the eye pencil makeup technique loses its meaning. Thick, long eyelashes are a sort of final touch.

What should you take into account?

★ The skin should be well cleaned and moisturized. It is advised that you use some foundation: concealer, primer, and highlighter.

★ The eye pencil makeup technique is suitable for both everyday and holiday use. It all depends on the different shades you try.

★ Only high-quality cosmetics should be used.

How to apply eye pencil?

You apply eye pencil to your lids almost the same way you draw your usual wings. Make the contour line on the lower eyelid, continuing it either in the form of the classic v shape or in the form of a rounded hinge. Add shades to the outer corner of the eye. The makeup seems to rush towards the temple, visually increasing the eyes. Light eyeshadows should be applied on the inner corner of the eye and dark eyeshadows on the outer. Be sure to shade everything thoroughly and carefully.

The palette choice depends on your color type. Brunettes should choose warm colors such as gold, beige, and brown. Girls with fair hair and eyes should try cold colors like gray, blue, silver, and light blue. The eye pencil makeup technique requires experience, so there is a need to study pictures and watch videos in order to practice and achieve excellent results.

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