Shades of Gray Eye Makeup

Noble gray fits everybody: blondes, brunettes, and redheads. It will successfully emphasize your natural beauty and help to create a refined image in the evening or a discreet, businesslike image in the day. In addition to this, it has an extensive color palette—from light silver to the deep and dramatic, almost black colors. This versatility and breadth of choice is surely an advantage.

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Eye makeup in a gray color scheme Eye makeup in a gray color scheme
Gray makeup: the secrets and subtleties - not to be confused with the silver! Gray makeup: the secrets and subtleties - not to be confused with the silver!

Makeup in gray shades is rather simple to create. Its creation will not take too much time, but the result is able to defy the imagination. Let's look at how to create a makeup in gray shades and what will you need to do so.

We need: a set of gray eyeshadows, a black eye pencil or eyeliner, brown or other suitable eyebrow pencils, and black mascara.

Before starting your makeup perform any cleansing procedures and form your eyebrow line. Next, apply eyeshadows—pearly white on the inner corner of the eye and any eyeshadows of a medium intensity on the middle of the upper eye lid. The darkest color is applied on the outer corner of the eye, going a little beyond it and under the bone as the inner corner of the eye is emphasized with a shining white.

For everyday makeup in gray shades it is better to choose lighter shades of eyeshadow. In the evening your makeup can include the use of bright, dark shades, eyeshadows with pearl, or glitter. But even if you have a large set of gray eyeshadows, it does not mean that you have to use all of them at once. Two or three colors will suffice.

How to Make Gray Eye Makeup

Next, emphasize the shape of the eyes with the help of eyeliner or an eye pencil, forming a line according to the shape of your eyes. Do not forget to shade the boundaries between colors. A feature of makeup done in gray shades is the lack of clear boundaries and gradual transitions between different colors. This creates the effect of a light, aerial haze, leaving a mysterious aura that has no clear lines or sharp transitions. This makeup will make you a mysterious stranger, fatal beauty of the early twentieth century, the heroine of the black and white movies, a dream woman. The fashion for different colors varies from season to season, but some ideas are always in trend.

If you still think gray is boring and inexpressive, think again. You are sure to change your opinion after trying your hand at makeup done in gray shades. The color gray has many advantages and, in fact, it is one of the most interesting colors to work with.

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