Makeup in Lilac Shades

Exquisite makeup in lilac shades is all you need to attract attention. It is suitable for both brunettes and blondes, and gives your face a special appeal and charm. For some reason, some girls think that the color lilac does not suit them at all. However, if used correctly the result will be great.

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Eye makeup in lilac colors Eye makeup in lilac colors
Violet Makeup: features and secrets Violet Makeup: features and secrets

To create a makeup in lilac shades you need an eyeshadow palette spanning from pale lavender to purple. You should also use black eyeliner, black lengthening or curling mascara, and eyebrow pencil. To enhance the effect, buy bright blue eyeshadows. The color blue is quite demanding and you should carefully apply it to your makeup, but this is exactly why blue is perfect in this case.

Use a foundation for makeup to stay longer and to lie down better. Apply the lightest eyeshadows on the upper eyelid, and carefully dye the inner corner of the eye. Add eyeshadows of a light purple shade in the middle. The darkest shades are applied to the outer corner of the eye, even going beyond it. Then take a little blue eyeshadow and draw a "tick" on the outer corner of the eye. Next, using the eyeliner, draw arrows and carefully coat the eyelashes with mascara.

Makeup done in lilac shades is ideal for evenings out to the theater, a restaurant, or for other special occasions. In everyday life it is better to use more quiet shades of lilac. This color is original and self-sufficient, and you should refrain from using its brightest variations during the day.

Violet Eye Makeup - the Completion of the Charming Face

Lipstick should match all the elements of your image; they should be in harmony and "echo" each other.

In general, we can say that the color lilac has truly magical properties. No wonder in many cultures lilac is associated with something mysterious, enigmatic, and even divine. Makeup done in lilac shades makes your look deep and attractive, a special power no one can resist it.

If you want to create makeup in lilac shades, we invite you to carefully study various options in through photos and choose the best one for you!

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