How to Draw Arrows on the Eyes

Information is never superfluous. So, even if you are absolutely sure that you know how to draw arrows on the eyes, do not hurry to pass this page. What if you overlooked something? Or perhaps makeup artists came up with something completely new? This area of makeup is constantly evolving. Arrows are at the height of fashion currently, and additionally they can be used to correct your appearance.

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The girl draws arrows on the eyes The girl draws arrows on the eyes
How to draw an arrow in the eye: tips, secrets, advice How to draw an arrow in the eye: tips, secrets, advice
First of all, choose the right makeup. Newcomers can use an eye pencil, but the main thing is that it should be quite soft and shouldn’t scratch the skin. Some people prefer to create arrows with the help of eyeshadows; in this case, you will need a good clean applicator with a very small brush. Eyeliner fits most experienced girls who have a sophisticated understanding of makeup.

Many women have a question regarding what to choose in the first place: eyeshadows or drawn on arrows? With the first choice we apply eyeshadows, and only then proceed to the arrows. Take a comfortable position, here we will need steady hands. It is better to lean on any kind of sturdy surface, such as a table. Cover half of the eye. You don’t need to close it, but to draw arrows on with opened eyes will be uncomfortable. Proceed with confidence, and then everything will work itself out. Don’t be afraid of mistakes; in fact, everything can be corrected but it’s better to avoid them. Before starting a line, you can put dots and then connect them. Some may be use to making the line with short strokes, but in the end the line must still be solid. Make sure that the line is the same for both eyes: we don’t want to be asymmetrical in the creation of these arrows.

As for colors, black is the classic. An interesting effect is given by colored arrows though, especially if they suit the eye color and are combined with pearl eyeshadows. The most common are dark green, blue, and brown colors. White arrows conceal the traces of a sleepless night and refresh the mind.

This makeup technique is suitable for everybody, it is only important to know your own features and what fits them. It is also important to understand how to draw an arrow on the eyes and regularly practice it.

Only then will you realize that the arrows are truly a magical makeup element that does wonders.

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