Winged Eyeliner

Eyeliner plays a key role in eye makeup. Of course, you can always do without the eyeliner and instead use only eyeshadows and mascara, but winged eyeliner can help correct your eye shape and give your eyes more depth of view, making them look bigger and more expressive.

Here are some tips for beginners that will greatly facilitate the task:

★ At first you can try to draw on paper—it's not bad hand training.

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Arrows on the eye: tips, secrets, advice Arrows on the eye: tips, secrets, advice

★ Once you begin practicing on your eyes, use an eye pencil. It is much easier than using liquid eyeliner.

★ The wing in the lower lid should not be thicker than the wing on the upper lid.

★ The line in the inner corners of the eye should not be thicker than the outer corners of the eye.

Winged eyeliner doesn’t just have to be black, you can sport different colored eyeliner as well. The main thing is to choose a color that will suit your choice of eyeshadow and eye shape. Unfortunately, a combination of winged eyeliner and eyeshadows can nullify all efforts, so if you don’t want to look like a traffic light, avoid creating too much contrast. Here are some good color combinations based on eye color:

★ For green eyes: peach, bronze, gold, beige, and brown colors

★ For brown eyes: purple, yellow, brown, gray, and black colors

★ For blue eyes: gray, beige, gold, silver, and black colors

You can experiment not only with the color but also with the form of the wing. Some people prefer to shade a line while others prefer to maintain a clear line. Wings can disguise faults and correct them. For small eyes, you can choose thin white wings or softly shaded wings of light shades. For close-set eyes, choose wings that go beyond the eye line and to the temples. If you have far-set eyes, give preference to wings that do not reach the outer corners of your eyes.

As for cosmetics, the professionals prefer gel and cream eyeliners over the liquid and compact liners, markers, and pencils. Each tool has its pros and cons. The markers dry out too fast, compact eyeliners do not provide a saturated color, and liquid eyeliner requires special skills and experience. Choose the tool that is the most convenient for you as this will ensure the best results!

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