How to Correct Your Eye Shape with Makeup

Nature endowed us with different types of eyes—large and small, far and close-set, narrow, bulging, etc. And this is good; otherwise we would all look similar. On the other hand, everyone wants to have a perfect appearance, or at least close to ideal. That is why the question of how to correct one’s eye shape with the help of makeup is on the mind of many girls.

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All tips on eye shape correction are collected here! All tips on eye shape correction are collected here!
Correction of eye shape: tips, secrets, advice Correction of eye shape: tips, secrets, advice

Before we get down to business, it is necessary to face the truth and carefully examine yourself in front of the mirror. Identify your strong and weak points. What kind of eyes do you have? What do you want to hide or fix? This is an important and necessary step that will influence all further actions.

If your eyes are set too close to each other, apply light eyeshadows to the inner corner of your eyes and dark eyeshadows on the outer. On the contrary, if the distance between your eyes is big, you should do the opposite—apply the lightest shade to the outer corner of your eyes and any dark shades on the inner.

If you have deep-set eyes, apply light eyeshadows under the brow and on the lower eyelid, and refrain from using eye pencils.

In general, you should be careful with contours. Avoid applying eyeliner on your lower eyelid above the lash line only. Doing so will make your eyes look smaller and vulgar.

If you have bulging eyes, don’t use a pearly bright shade. The same can be said about eyes with a small width on the upper eyelids. It is better to use neutral colors and to emphasize the contour of the eye with a thin line.

Round eyes can be visually stretched by continuing their line beyond the outer corner, slightly raising the line to the temples.

For narrow eyes, do not continue the contour beyond the outer corner of the eye—it will make them seem longer. It is better to "lift" the eyes towards the eyebrows with the help of eyeshadow. Be sure to apply the lighter shade in the middle of the upper eyelid and the darker one on the inner and outer parts of the eyelid.

Every woman has a certain zest, something that sets her apart from others. The correct makeup will highlight this zest; it will elevate the image of a female in the best way. There is a suitable makeup look for all eye shapes that will correct any flaws and make your face perfect. After studying photos and videos, reading tips on how to correct the eye shape, and much practice, you will achieve excellent results.

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