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Nothing is permanent in the world. Everything changes—fashion, weather, and even people. The things everyone discussed yesterday are now forgotten. What’s to say that a lipstick can’t stay on the lips too long?

Whatever happens, long-lasting lipstick will stay on your lips, even if you talk a lot, eat, drink, kiss, or have a stressful and long day full of different circumstances. Long-lasting lipstick will not roll up, get into the cracks on the lips, flow, and or disappear. "Miracles," one might say, and they’d be absolutely right.

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Resistant lipstick is appropriate for meetings Resistant lipstick is appropriate for meetings
To visit the cafes and restaurants persistent lipstick is a must! To visit the cafes and restaurants persistent lipstick is a must!

There are a variety of long-lasting lipsticks including bright, juicy, and vivid colors. Each girl is able to choose something suitable for her. Blondes, brunettes, brown-haired, and red-haired girls will all be able to find long-lasting lipstick they would like. Light or dark, sweet and bright, with or without aroma, long-lasting lipstick will become your faithful companion and a reliable friend.

Long-lasting lipstick is necessary for all because we all have situations where we need to look perfect for a good amount of time such as while at work or at a wedding party, long-lasting lipstick is obviously not superfluous. Some manufacturers claim that their long-lasting lipstick lasts up to six, seven, or even fourteen hours. Wearing such a lipstick, you will feel like a blockbuster heroine who saves the world, solves a lot of problems all at once, and despite this, always looks amazing.

Here are some of the secrets for using long-lasting lipstick:

★ Do not use this type of lipstick constantly. It's better to give your lips some rest and take care of them.

★ Any lipstick is better applied on flat, well-groomed, flawless lips. Use scrubs and moisturizing masks for your lips.

★ To enhance its durability, apply your lipstick in two coats, gently soaking the first coat with a napkin.

There are two types of long-lasting lipsticks: two-phase, which is a base color with a moisturizing component, and bilateral, where one side is a base color and the other is a consolidating and moisturizing liquid.

It is very convenient to use long-lasting lipstick. And in general, it is wonderful that it exists.

Proof lipstick: confident beauty

There are very few women which can imagine their life without lipstick. These are mostly business-ladies or women who are working in big companies with lots of other people and colleagues. They need to have an accurate and at the same time attractive look. That is why practically all of them have a lipstick in their purse.

That is why nowadays a lot of world’s famous brands offer wide selection of different products which are able to suit all your preferences and tastes. Proof lipstick is the best bet for those who are eager to keep the color of their lips as long as possible.

The effect can last up to 12 hours. Even if you drink and eat a lot during this period of time, there will be no spots and your lips will still look great. You can drink your tea and coffee anytime you like. However you will need a special substance in order to wash your lipstick off when you are at home.

How is Proof lipstick produced?

All these advantages and features of proof lipstick resulted in its components. Apart from all other cosmetics this lipstick is being produced with the help of lanolin. This component has specific smell and taste. That is why producers do not use it purely. They make it harmless with the help of special solvents. At the same time lanolin can be rather useful as it has two main functions.

Lanolin contains special nourishing fats. It helps this substance to get deep into skin and take all components and coloring pigments together with it. That is why you are able to keep the color for a long time without facing any problems.

However there are several side effects that can occur after using proof lipstick. In case you have thin skin, your lipstick will certainly dry it, especially when taking into consideration the fact that producers also use special silicone oil in order to make the color stable. That is why it must be not more than 8% of this silicone in the product according to current obligations and standards. Otherwise it can be to the detriment of your health.

That is why different brands try to do their best in order to reduce the risk for their customers. They add a lot of natural components such as corn, cocoa and rose oils as well as different natural extracts which are aimed on taking care of your skin.

Stylists: secrets: another side of proof

At first women were really glad to meet such kind of cosmetics on stick. However they started to feel its harmful influence very soon. On the one hand proof lipstick provides them with a chance to keep the color for a long time. On the other hand they started to face problems with dry skin which resulted in inconveniences and sometimes even pane.

However, today things have already changed. Producers found it possible to reduce the level of inconveniences and risk of harming yourself. Needless to say that proof lipstick has several very important advantages and features which are of great importance for modern women. However experts recommend not using this lipstick very often. It is a bad variant for your everyday make-up.

Today you are able to choose among wide selection of proof lipsticks of all the most famous brands. The majority of products are available in similar packages. These are special tubes with two containers. First container contains dry mixture of different compounds which enable stability of color. Second container contains moisture gloss which can be additional used for extra brightness and gloss.

You should evaluate all pros and cons before buying proof lipstick for yourself. For some women it will be better just to correct their make-up for a couple of times throughout the whole day rather than harm your skin with all those pigments and silicone.

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