Satin Lipstick

What is satin lipstick? This is a fantastic luxury of silk on your lips. This is mysterious, shimmering light and almost weightless texture, which you can feel comfortable with for a long time. It is a seductive shade that magically transforms any lips. This is an amazing feeling that is incomparable to anything and definitely worth experiencing...

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What is the Satin Lipstick? What is the Satin Lipstick?
Satin Lipstick can be different shades Satin Lipstick can be different shades

Satin lipstick is simply obliged to be of high quality. Otherwise it is not satin. Satin lipstick does not dry the skin; on the contrary, it moisturizes the lips, leaving them perfectly smooth and silky. Women who choose satin lipstick put the quality of makeup above all else.

However, there is always a fly in the ointment. In this case, it is durability. Alas, satin lipstick is not very durable. From time to time, you will have to correct your makeup before a mirror. But does it matter if in return you get a gentle touch of silk? Your lips will look sexier, and you will feel much more confident in yourself.

Some people prefer satin lipstick for daytime makeup because of the fact that it is comfortable to use. Others like to use it in the evening on special occasions. However, it will not exactly be fit for going to a restaurant, as it tends to fade and disappear from the lips faster than other types of lipstick. The choice is yours. As a tip, to make your satin lipstick more durable, apply a little loose powder on top of the lipstick.

Satin lipstick is valuable and interesting by itself. It is a cross between a pearl and matte lipstick and will be the best for thin or medium lips, making them more voluminous, expressive, and noticeable. You will surely find yourself in the spotlight with this lipstick shade.

It is necessary to weigh the pros and cons and to try it in different situations. All is strictly individual. After trying on satin lipstick once, it will be hard to refuse it. After all, as they say, one gets accustomed to the good fast. Satin lipstick adds a bit of joy to the daily life of every girl. It seems to be a trifle, but a pleasant one.

Once appearing in your purse, satin lipstick will definitely take its rightful place there!

Satin lipstick for lips comfort

Every woman has her own tastes and preferences, especially when it comes to cosmetics and make up. If you look into every purse, you will find out that every woman prefers different types of lipstick of different brands and colors.

Some people say that it reflects their personality. However there is something in common between all those women. Their main goal is to make their lips as beautiful as possible with the help of a quality product which will not vanish after a couple of drinks or kisses. In addition they want to get a descent protection and lips care.

Choosing the best lipstick – experts’ advice

Let’s have a closer look at those factors which help to determine the quality of product instead of its color.

You should also pay attention to expiring date and elements it includes.

Speaking about those components which can be to the detriment of your health, it is necessary to say that you are very unlikely to meet them in lipsticks which are produced by popular brands. They will hardly risk their reputation and do any harm to your health.

That is why you are recommended to buy lipstick which is offered by famous companies which have already proved the level of their reliability and quality. However you should also take into consideration that even allowed substances can sometimes turn out to be a reason for allergic reactions and other kinds of physical disorder, for example, carmine which is used to make the lipstick red. At the same time Vaseline dries the gentle skin of our lips.

Cheap lipstick can be to the detriment of your health. You should avoid buying such kind of cosmetics. It can contain pigments and ingredients that will do a lot of harm to your skin and organism. This is all due to the fact that unknown producers may use synthetic dyes which can turn out to be a cause of allergic reaction.

That is why you are recommended to read the lust of all components very carefully. You should also pay attention to the fact that all of them are supposed to be natural including oils, extracts and other ingredients.

Old lipstick can also be harmful for your health. In case its usage term has been already expired, you should get rid of this lipstick as soon as possible. This factor also needs paying attention. In other words you should avoid buying lipstick:

★ if there are drops on the surface of the lipstick;

★ if there are white inclusions and the color is too pale;

★ if the smell is unpleasant.

In case there is an old lipstick in your purse, you should also avoid using it because in case:

★ if you feel that your lips become dry;

★ the rod is damaged and it can be broken easily;

★ there appear lumps when you use the lipstick;

★ you feel bitter and salty taste.

Who satin lipstick is good for

There are several types of lipsticks. You can choose among matte or glossy one. However satin lipstick has practically no limitations. You are able to choose a variant that will suit your tasted and likes. It can be used in any season and any time of the day. You can use when you are going to work or preparing for a romantic evening. It will suit all your clothes. In addition satin lipstick is very careful when it comes to age. It doesn’t stress it and is able to hide all the consequences of the aging process including wrinkles.

Make-up artists determine satin as something sift and shiny. It has a softening effect and helps to create straight and smooth surface of your lips. It is somewhere between matte and glossy lipstick. It is less intensive and at the same time looks shiny enough.

Satin lipstick has another important feature. It is moisturizing effect. It is another advantage in case you are looking for a good lips care. This type of cosmetics is recommended for usage at any age due to the fact that it makes your lips softer.

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