Lipsticks that Augment the Lips

Everyone dreams to "remove" in some places and to "add" in others. For instance, many women wish they had bigger lips. Alas, not all of us were endowed with curvy, plump lips that are demonstrated by models in the pages of fashion magazines. But even if you're lucky, there cannot be too much volume.

Is there a lipstick that augments lip volume? Yes, there is, even if you don't believe it. The composition of such a lipstick includes menthol and spices, irritating the skin of the lips. You will feel a slight, pleasant tingling, which will continue until the skin becomes accustomed to the ingredients.

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Enlarge lips using lipstick possible Enlarge lips using lipstick possible
What is the lipstick lips magnifying? What is the lipstick lips magnifying?

There is another lipstick available that includes collagen, hyaluronic acid, and protein complex. This lipstick gives a long-lasting result, persisting after use.

Do not forget about the simple pearl lipstick. But is it really so easy? Glossy, dazzling pearl lipstick will make even the thinnest lips more volumetric and seductive. It will give a festive, elegant look to any makeup style, magically turning you into a superstar.

Another option is to use a matte lipstick, and then add some gloss over it.

How to do it:

The first step is to apply lip pencil approximately 1 mm extending the natural lip line. The second step is to apply lipstick gently on the entire surface of the lips. The third step is to add a drop of gloss in the middle of the lower lip. Some girls prefer white eye shadows or powder instead of lip gloss.

You should take into account other subtleties. Light lipstick is always preferable to dark when trying to increase lip volume. Light shades visually increase all subjects, but dark shades decrease. Keep this in mind when putting on lipstick, and you will surely achieve excellent results.

Lip gloss can be used separately from the lipstick. It is very comfortable to use, that's why this makeup product became very popular. Lip gloss is appropriate in different situations: at work during the day and at the party at night. Lip gloss makes your lips look well-groomed and as a result, your makeup is harmonious and has a finished look.

With the help of makeup, you can create an effect of volumetric lips and make a stunning impression!

Extra volume lipstick: how it works

Modern fashion and beauty trends focus their attention mostly in lips. Plump lips are considered to be very stylish and attractive. If nature gave you such lips you are very lucky. At the same time not every woman can boast plump lips. What should they do in such situation?

Who will find Extra volume lipstick useful – secrets of visage

This type of lipstick has turned out to be a miraculous solution for those who have thin lips. There is no need to visit the nearest plastic surgeon in order to add volume to your lips and make them bigger. All you need is extra volume lipstick.

It will create necessary effect. It will take you only a couple of minutes. It acts practically the same as all those numerous synthetic gels which often lead to bad consequences for both appearance and health. In addition it will be really hard to correct the shape of your lips after using those gels.

In this situation extra volume lipstick will be a great choice in order to make your lips look bigger with more volume. At the same time it will not result in any health problems. That is why this type of cosmetics has become very popular with women. It is produced by all major brands which are famous all over the world.

However you should take into consideration that extra volume lipstick will not provide with the same result as plastic surgery. Nevertheless you will be able to create necessary effect without spending thousands of dollars and without any risk for your health.

Main features of extra volume lipstick

Some people think that this lipstick is only able to create visual effect. It is a common mistake that is widely spread nowadays. The main feature of this lipstick is the fact that it has special components which are able to provide with an outstanding result within a couple of minutes. You lips become plumber at short notice.

The main secret is in all those ingredients which are contained in this lipstick. Apart from traditional components here you will also find special substances which cause small skin irritation. This leads to the fact that lips become bigger for a certain period of time.

At the same time you will never feel any inconveniences or pane. This lipstick is totally safe for your health. However you should keep in mind the fact that you won’t be able to enjoy this effect for a long period of time. That is why you need to take your lipstick with you all the time.

Another great advantage of this lipstick is the fact that it contains a lot of different oils, fats, vitamins, natural extracts and other components which form a special protection layer and take care of your skin. That is why it is absolutely safe to use such kind of cosmetics as much as you need.

However you need to consider several very important rules while choosing the best extra volume lipstick. First of all pay attention to expiring date. This information must be displayed on the package. If there is no such information, you’d better not this lipstick.

At the same time the product can be spoiled due to violation of storage conditions. All you need is to open a package and smell the product. If it smells bad, it means that the product is not good for usage. Also pay attention to the consistency of lipstick.

You are recommended to choose extra volume lipstick which contains the biggest amount of natural oils and moisture extracts. This will result in beautiful and gorgeous lips as well as healthy skin.

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