What Color Lipstick Is the Best for Blondes?

If you are lucky to have blonde hair, then you will be interested to know what color lipstick is the best for blondes. Hair color determines many things, including one’s prime shade of lipstick. If lipstick is successfully applied, the hair color "sparkles" with more vivid colors, forming a solid, harmonious, and expressive image. Conversely, bad lipstick is able to nullify all your efforts. So you'd better consider your choice of lipstick seriously and try to avoid mistakes when choosing a lipstick color that suits blondes.

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Makeup for blondes: what color lipstick you choose Makeup for blondes: what color lipstick you choose?
Elegant makeup for blondes Elegant makeup for blondes

First of all, you should know there are different types of blondes.

There are three basic types: ash blondes, honey blondes, and light blondes.

Girls with light brown hair should choose the classic version—all shades of pink lipstick. Honey blondes should stick to coral and beige shades. Finally, women with ash hair should try peach and pink colors.

The nude style when the lips look natural and makeup is almost invisible fits almost all blondes. Ombre makeup, with its smooth, soft transitions, also fits them. To use a dark lipstick is quite a controversial option. If you don't plan to shock the audience, you should use such colors as dark lilac, violet, wine-red, plum, and cherry carefully.

We should also talk about the choice of red lipstick for blondes. We all know and remember the famous Marilyn Monroe with her dazzling bright lips. It's a very striking image, trendy in popular culture, and repeated by many contemporary actresses. But if you also want to try something like that, wait to use red lipstick until the evening. Red lipstick in combination with blond hair may look vulgar during the daytime and not everyone would understand its usage.

Red lipstick is more suitable for public appearance, New Year parties, and other special occasions. It would look out of place in the office during the day, and you will be the first to get tired of it. Stick to natural makeup and you will not regret it. In your case, the color pink is a classic. Practice moderation. It will help you decide what lipstick color best suits blondes, and you will become a very attractive, elegant, and mysterious stranger… the dream of every man which inspires them to great deeds in the name of love!

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