What Color Lipstick Is the Best for Women with Brown Hair?

There is no single answer as to what color lipstick best fits women with brown hair. Brown hair can come in different shades—from light brown, which is close to a blonde color, to dark brown, and even almost black. In the first case, women with brown hair should choose the same colors as blondes—pastel and bright ones. All shades of pink, beige, coral, and violet will fit them. Girls with dark brown hair may choose brighter colors such as juicy cherry, plum, wine-red, and even dark purple.

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Makeup for brown hair what color lipstick choose Makeup for brown hair what color lipstick choose?
Chic Makeover for holders of brown hair Chic Makeover for holders of brown hair

But what about women whose hair color is defined as medium brown? Some people are not happy about this hair color, but it is in vain. Medium brown is a very interesting, stylish color that can also "play"; we need to only choose the right makeup and appropriate clothes. Of course, your hair should be clean and well-groomed, but here we are talking primarily about makeup.

The main advice to women with medium brown hair is to observe neutrality. In choosing a lipstick, stick to the "golden mean", and you will achieve amazing results. Colors too bright and flashy are suitable only for evening makeup as they will look too vulgar in the afternoon. Use light shades carefully because there is a possibility of becoming too unimpressive or whitish. In general, everything depends on the individual when we deal with brown hair. And it is good because it extends one’s choices, opening more space for creative experiments.

If there is no time to experiment, you do not want to, or maybe you just do not like to do it, stick to a simple rule: warm shades of lipstick best fit warm eye colors—cold to cold. So if you have gray, blue, or light blue eyes, the color of your lipstick can be purple, lilac, cranberry, cyclamen, and so on. If you have brown or golden eyes, it is better to choose a lipstick of beige, brown, chocolate, or golden shades.

In any case, the lips must be well-groomed and lipstick should be applied carefully and slowly. Lip makeup is the hardest stage in the creation of a look, as it has been recognized by many professional makeup artists a long time ago. It's even more complicated for us amateurs! But that's not a reason to give it up and say, "I won't cope with it." Be patient and persistent, decide what color lipstick fits with your brown hair, and then everything will be fine. You will be irresistible and conquer all around!

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