What Color Lipstick Is the Best for Women with Red Hair?

To have hair the color of fire is just great: it seems to transform you, dictating its own rules and drawing people’s glances. No wonder the color red is now a trend, and many girls are thinking about turning into a “fiery beast.”

If you have a fiery hair color, don't hurry to start applying your makeup just yet. First, you must decide what lipstick color is the best for your red hair.

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Makeup for red hair, choose a lipstick color Makeup for red hair, choose a lipstick color?
Chic Makeover for holders of red hair Chic Makeover for holders of red hair

Warm shades of lipstick, from caramel brown to dark terracotta, perfectly fit absolutely all red-haired girls. The color of ripe cherries looks quite interesting; it's almost a safe choice. With a coral color, you will be irresistible. It looks very natural on the lips, as though it was there forever. Add a drop of gloss and it will give lips volume and make them more enticing.

Red-haired girls should use beige tones carefully. The same can be said about bright colors, such as red or orange. In combination with the fiery hair color, such lipstick will look too "gaudy." Therefore, you should never use a lipstick that is brighter than the color of your hair!

In general, it should be said that the darker the hair is, the darker the lipstick can be, and vice versa. As you can see, it's pretty simple. Although some red-haired girls do not think so, they generally do not use lipstick, for fear of overdoing it! And it is in vain. Figure out what color lipstick is the best for red-haired girls and you will be able to achieve great results. You will be irresistible any time of the day with a wisely selected lipstick!

Choosing a bright, expressive tone, do not highlight your eyes. Instead, use soft, semi-transparent, discreet eye shadows. Lipstick, being the only bright spot of color on the face, looks very refined and elegant. This is the makeup look often chosen by movie stars to go to the red carpet. You can definitely manage this makeup. Look at photos and get useful tips, learn new things, be patient and use your creative ingenuity, and you will surely achieve the desired result. People around will be delighted by your appearance. After all, the color red for many people is associated with something magical, passionate, and fateful.

Red is the color of brave and beautiful women boldly going through life.

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