What Components Does Lipstick Include, What Ingredients?

You will hardly find a woman who is not well-aware of the fact what lipstick is. This cosmetic was invented hundreds of years ago. And now it is impossible to imagine a woman who doesn’t have a lipstick in her purse. However do we really know a lot about it? Do you know all its components and how it is produced?

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The composition of lipstick may differ depending on the color The composition of lipstick may differ depending on the color
Lipstick made with the right ingredients makes the lips beautiful Lipstick made with the right ingredients makes the lips beautiful
There are lots of popular brands nowadays which are able to produce their own products with secret ingredients which are kept in secret. It results in wide variety if lipsticks with different features which let them change the color of your lips. At the same time now it is not a problem to find nourishing or moisture lipstick which can also take care of your skin.

Components Of Lip Gloss And Lipstick

First of all, we should mention the fact that practically all lipsticks contain different groups of vitamins. In addition several nourishing and moisture components can be also found. Oil and coloring ingredients are also included in this magic formula.

Do you know that carmine used to be the first coloring component which could be found in lipstick? People got this substance from fried insects. They were wiped off into a special powder which could change the tone and color from grey to violet. At the same time carmine is absolutely safe for our health and is very stable.

What is the main basic of lipstick? It includes a number of components such as different natural oils, fats and extracts as well as beeswax.

What is the main substance for producing lipstick? It is called spermaceti. It is produced from the fat of sperm whale. It has several very important features and advantages. It has a great influence on skin, recovers and refreshes your lips and takes a good care of them.

Lanolin is one of the most important components. It also has several important advantages. However it has one drawback. It tastes and smells really awful. That is why cosmetic producers do not use pure lanolin. They only take several necessary components.

Synthetic and natural oils are also considered to be very important components. Paraffin and castor oil can be found in modern lipsticks as both of these ingredients nourish your skin.

It is really hard to imagine modern products without preservatives. They are essential part of producing process. They result in longer storage period.

Types Of Lipsticks — Secrets Of Professionals

There are different types of lipsticks for different purposes and occasions. They have different components. All lipsticks can be divided into several groups according to these components:

Nutritious: they contain a lot of wax. Their main advantage is the fact that they are able to protect your skin and take care of it. They will turn out to be the best bet for winter and autumn;

Moisture: it acts as softener. This is one of the best variants for those who are looking for the safest lipstick. It contains natural oils and extracts. The only drawback is the fact that it can often flow;

Resistant: this lipstick will stay on your lips for a long period of time no matter what your drink or eat. It doesn’t leave spots while kissing. The only drawback is the fact that they dry your skin;

Chapstick - it doesn’t have coloring effect. It is mostly used to nourish and moist your lips. They provide you skin with a good care;

Lip Gloss. Its amin advantage is that they allow creating natural look. However they often flow and are very unstable.

Remember that lipstick - cosmetic product for coloring, protection and / or moisturizing the lips. Do you read, in our opinion, the best make-up beauty blog - the most interesting things about makeup and beauty.

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