Great Makeup in the Year of the Dragon

The brilliant and powerful Dragon is especially revered in the East. This mythical creature is a hero of numerous festivals, carnivals, street processions, tales, and legends. Its beauty stirs the imagination and its infinite power inspires awe; it should be noted that the Dragon is a dangerous opponent, and it is better to try to approach it carefully. But if you manage to please the Dragon, it will become a reliable defender and friend. It is wise, insightful, bold, and serene. It appreciates its friends and does everything for them.

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Great Makeup in the Year of the Dragon Great Makeup in the Year of the Dragon

We should give it its due credit and adhere to the current trends in the year of the Dragon.

Popular Makeup in 2012, the Year of the Blue (Water) Dragon

In 2012, which was the year of the Blue (Water) Dragon, the popular makeup style was 50s or 60s style makeup. In order to be trendy, women had to draw spectacular arrows and thickly paint their eyelashes. This kind of makeup attracted everyone's attention, and the Dragon likes to bask in the glory, enjoying the adoration of the public. Moreover, the "retro" was used both in everyday and evening makeup. As for color range, the element of Water declined the choice of most people in favor of different shades of blue.

Since the Dragon is widely known as a lover of precious metals, gold and silver decorative means such as eye shadows, pencils, blush, etc. were also in trending. They gave the Year of the Dragon makeup some glamour and enchantment. This is especially true in New Year’s night when you want something fabulous and unusual. Excessive use of gold paint is not necessary, but such makeup will fit other special occasions, whether it's a birthday or a night out to the theater.

Although the year of the Blue Dragon is far behind, we advise you not to forget about this direction.

Bright Makeup in 2024, the Year of the Green (Wood) Dragon

In 2024 the world will be ruled by the Green (Wood) Dragon. Not only will green be in fashion but so will other bright and saturated colors. They will confidently occupy the leading position, both in clothes and in makeup. The Green Dragon charms with a riot of colors and offers unusual ideas for creating everyday or festive makeup.

Feel free to combine incongruously and incorporate new notes into the daily routine; the Year of the Green Dragon is a good time to experiment. This creature is positive, constructive, and responsible in anything, whether it is work, household chores, or applying makeup. The main thing is to be active and not sit around waiting for the luck to find you. The Dragon likes to lead. If you are a proactive person, you definitely won't be overlooked.

Makeup in 2036, the Year of the Fire Dragon: All for the Sake of Victory

The element of Fire intensifies the charismatic power of the Dragon. In 2036 it will appear in its entire splendor: a leader, a hero, and a winner attracting admiring glances. Red, of course, will emphasize your confidence and your special role. Choose what you like more, what’s close to the spirit: from cold pink to brick-brown. The freedom loving Dragon does not care for the opinions of others, it acts as it wants and looks like it wants.

If red doesn't fit you, stop your choice on gold or silver colors. Indeed, this will turn you into a queen of any ball, even if the ball is just a friendly party. It’s believed that the Dragon is where the gold is; using a gold or silver cosmetic pencil will help you create an amazing makeup in accordance with the fashion trends.

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