1980s Makeup (Barbie Style)

Every girl wants to be a princess, and some even keep their favorite doll on a shelf as a remembrance of that naive childhood dream. Barbie makeup will help make this dream come true! Look and feel like a princess by learning how to achieve the look of a perfect face shape, large almond-shaped eyes, full lips, and rosy cheeks.

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make-up in the style of the 80s Disco 80 stylish makeup photo: @vintage_runway_finds
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So How Do You Create This 1980s Makeup Style?

The first step is cleansing, masking flaws and leveling the skin. Whatever Barbie is engaged in, she always looks excellent. Her skin is always smooth without any flaws - no pimples, wrinkles, or dark circles under her eyes.

Let’s first focus on the eyes. Use a high-quality foundation for the eye shadows of different shades. Apply the darkest eye shadow on your eyelids. Apply the eye shadows of medium darkness the parts of the eyelid that are not mobile. Apply a pearly, light shade just under the eyebrows. Next, use an eye pencil or a special eyeliner. Draw expressive wings, and then apply mascara on the lashes.

Now we can move to the lips. Your best friend will be the pink lipstick or gloss. Pink is a major color in this makeup style. Everything can be pink: eye shadows, eyeliner, blush, lipstick. This color is clearly Barbie’s favorite. Her doll house, her car, and nearly all her clothes and accessories are pink, and we will not break with this tradition.

Disco 80 stylish makeup photo make-up in the style of the 80s photo: @vintage_runway_finds

Finally, apply blush on the cheeks, which will correct the shape of the face and make it appear healthier. After all, Barbie is an athlete who loves sunbathing and lives an active lifestyle. In addition to pink, other common colors include yellow, blue, green, and orange. Add large plastic accessories, fix your hair up in a lush hair style, and you’re ready to visit friends or to go to a club, the success is guaranteed. Barbie makeup is the choice for the creative, cheerful, and active girl with a positive outlook. We invite you to join them. Be positive and keep smiling because no one has ever seen Barbie in a bad mood. 1980s Makeup: Beautiful Barbie Style again, in a trend!

Create your Barbie look and be happy!

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