Makeup of the Year of the Goat - the Beauty Horoscope

The Goat is a refined creature, but whimsical in nature. It likes original and unusual things made with impeccable taste. No vulgarity, no, no, no way!

But where is the line between original and vulgar?

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Flawless makeup of the Year of the Goat - the Beauty Horoscope Flawless makeup of the Year of the Goat - the Beauty Horoscope

For example, you see a blouse on sale, and you doubt whether to buy as you ponder what circumstances you can wear it. The blouse does not seem right for going to work as it is too transparent. It looks better for evenings out... maybe a visit to the theater? The blouse is a really good option!

The same can be said about the makeup.

Fashion makeup in the year of the Goat is something original and even provocative. This makeup style is designed not only to emphasize dignity and individuality but also to express the inner world, which is unique. For this look there should be no "screaming" colors or sharp angular contours; everything should be quite simple and restrained.

To achieve this effect, you need to have a truly artistic mindset, and the mythical Goat has just that.

Let's consider the makeup styles of 2003 and 2015, which were under the protection of this animal, according to the Eastern calendar.

Makeup 2003 - Fashion Trends of the Year of the Blue Goat

The trendy look of 2003 was monochrome. Elegant alternation of black and white acted almost shockingly, resembling the makeup styles for the avant-garde theater, piano keys, black and white photos, or zebra stripes. This makeup is not for everyone, but those who have tried it produced a sensation.

Another trend that gained popularity was the naturalness that comes with nude makeup. More and more girls preferred to paint the face as there was no makeup on their faces. The natural shape of the eyebrows, the eyelashes almost touched by mascara, subtle eye shadows of brown and beige shades, light lip gloss... well, perhaps, it is ideal for everyday life.

As for the New Year's makeup, 2003 was the year of the Blue (Water) Goat, so the stylists suggested a blue-green color palette. Sophisticated and whimsical, Water Goat had to remain satisfied: sky blue, turquoise, violet, bright blue, and white with a barely noticeable blue tint prevailed in festive makeup looks that year.

Makeup 2015 - Which Style is Fashionable in the Year of the Green Goat?

The same naturalness prevailed in 2015. And rightly so, because 2015 was the year of the Green (Wood) Goat. The tree is a symbol of vitality, harmony, and unity with nature. This is all reflected in this makeup style, accessories, clothing, and is discussed widely on the Internet. "Isn't it better to sell all your possessions and go to Bali?" - this is an example of the philosophical questions that people asked and got thousands of likes and hundreds of comments on in exchange for their thoughts.

Stylists offered whole, harmonious images that were amazingly soft and seductive. Plump lips, fluffy eyelashes, soft line of the brows, and a light blush became the ideal of beauty in 2015. Sometimes there was a barely perceptible reference to the era of hippies with their rebelliousness and simple, ascetic life that was erected in the cult.

At the same time no one forgot that natural high demands for the appearance of the skin. The skin of models, demonstrating fashion makeup and clothes all year, was not just impeccable, it seemed to shine from the inside, giving the impression of something fabulous and magical.

The Year of the Goat has long passed, but these fashion trends have been so attractive that they still enjoy wide success. It must be admitted that Goat is not as simple as it seems!

What will be Fashionable in 2027 - the Makeup of the Year of the Red Goat?

Time flies, soon capricious Goat will return. 2027 is the year of the Red (Fire) Goat.

Red will be the trend in 2027. Even a small item, such as a red handbag, shoes, or scarf, will make your image trendy. Makeup styles will focus on the lips, appearing as a bright, noticeable spot standing out against the pale face.

This "Study in Scarlet" will appeal to artistic natures accustomed to the attention of the public. Fire represents passion, activity, impulsiveness, and even some aggressiveness.

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