Arabic Makeup: Oriental Style

Everything connected with the East is shrouded in a veil of secrecy from time immemorial. The distant and mysterious East, sparkling with jewels and fragrant spices, is the object of general interest… a desirable goal, a dream. The same can be said about oriental (Arabic) makeup.Its popularity is growing from year to year, captivating people's eyes and creating a sensual, seductive female image.

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What are the secrets of this makeup style?

Well, a lot of it has to do with the brightness and saturation of the colors that are used. The most common shades are green, purple, brown, and golden tones. However, there are no strict restrictions on color, so you can use whatever suits you best. But be sure to smooth out the transitions between each color when applying them. The second feature of oriental makeup is clearly defined eyebrows with a perfect shape. Eyebrows should always be taken care of, and they require special attention in oriental makeup. The next secret is many rhinestones and sequins because without them the image of oriental beauty is definitely incomplete.

It's important to use oriental makeup very carefully. First of all, it is designed for festive occasions and for going out in the evening as the eyes are quite highlighted in this makeup style.

Pearl eye shadows are commonly used in oriental makeup; be sure to apply a few coats. Do not forget to add wings on your upper and lower eyelids. Just like with the eyebrows, the wings should be visible, clear, and with an expressive bend. Mascara will help give your lashes length and density; it should be applied in two coats. Nothing is more intriguing and attractive than coquettishly curved, long, thick eyelashes!

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Now apply blush of warm shades on the cheeks, but do so moderately, always keeping a balance. Moderation is your best friend when creating an oriental image because the main thing is to not overdo it. If everything is done correctly, you will be irresistible. Oriental makeup will remind others about the hot breath of the wind, exotic and bright colors, and languid southern nights. It's like a promise of something more, when it's unclear what the women's look hides under those long, thick eyelashes...

Discover the oriental (Arabic) style makeup!

Arabic Makeup: Beautiful Oriental Style - Discover this fabulous, magical world and let it be yours!

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