Choose the Makeup in the Year of the Rabbit

Timid and gentle, the Rabbit does not like an unfamiliar society. It prefers companionship and friendly company, where one can relax, be themselves, and not worry about the way they look. But this does not mean that the Rabbit is not interested in matters of fashion. Quite the contrary: it is difficult to find a dandy like it. The delicate Rabbits nature is to want the glitz and glamour, and appreciates elegance and a soft, unobtrusive style. There is no aggression or rudeness, choose romantic images and gravitate toward the classics. However, if the Rabbit finds some new items interesting, it will not reject them.

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Choose the Makeup in the Year of the Rabbit Choose the Makeup in the Year of the Rabbit

The Rabbit is secretive and even cunning, it will not "work the audience", attracting undue attention. Makeup in the Year of the Rabbit has gentle, bright colors. This year especially popular colors are pink, white, beige, light blue, light purple, and muted shades of yellow. Pearls and sequins are actively used along with evening makeup.

Sometimes the Year of the Rabbit is also called the Year of the Cat. In many countries the Cat is treated with distrust; this animal is considered too "canny". In Europe, the black cat is the symbol of something mystical and dangerous. But, at the same time, the Cat will not give up its charm. It is impossible not to like this wonderful creature.

Makeup in the Year of the Cat is soft and feminine.

2011 Fashion Makeup in the Year of the White (Metal) Rabbit

In the not too distant year of 2011, which was the year of the White (Metal) Rabbit, white reigned on the catwalks. It was used extensively in fashion collections and makeup. White arrows, white eye shadows, and even white lipstick helped to create amazing, unforgettable images if used skillfully.

Although the year of the White Rabbit is long gone, do not neglect such methods. White pencil will help refresh your eyes and make them look more fresh and radiant after a tiring day or a sleepless night. As to adding white color on your lips: why not feel like the Snow Queen and surprise others at least occasionally?

Glamorous Makeup in 2023 the Year of the Blue (Water) Rabbit

2023 will be the year of the Blue (Water) Rabbit. Gentle tones, smooth transitions, and harmonious combinations will make the year of the Blue Rabbit makeup nice. The trend will be blue and blue green shades, and namely those that occur in nature: such as the color of the summer sky, storm clouds, clear sea water, and wildflowers. Quiet and calm, the Rabbit likes all that is natural, and if it’s the Blue (Water) Rabbit, then the fashion trends will meet its element.

It is advisable to greet this year head-on in order to have good luck. This way you will be able to "kill two birds with one stone" by looking fashionable and pleasing the animal of the year. However, mind you, do not say the phrase out loud!

Natural Makeup in 2035, the Year of the Wood (Earth) Rabbit

The next Year of the Rabbit will be 2035. At this time, the Rabbit will be Wood (Earth). There will be a real triumph of natural, soothing shades of makeup: brown, gray, and white are the three colors that will be real hits. Do not believe the skeptics who consider these colors dull. The Wood Rabbit will successfully prove that this is not so.

In fact, uninteresting things and phenomena do not exist in the world, and certainly the above three colors cannot be labeled so. Their wide range of applications provides a lot of room for imagination, and professional stylists have long been aware of this. So develop your powers of observation, and don't be afraid to try something new. The Rabbit will be grateful for it!

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