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Halloween is a relatively new holiday for us, but it has already become popular among young people. It's one more reason to meet with friends and have fun from the heart. If you want to surprise everyone by becoming a zombie, a witch, a cat, or perhaps Death with a scythe and all, then all you need is a costume and some makeup.

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Makeup for Halloween can be stylish Makeup for Halloween can be stylish
Makeup for Halloween - A lot depends on your courage and imagination Makeup for Halloween - A lot depends on your courage and imagination

To create a Halloween makeup look, you need a lot of different cosmetic products, either conventional or acquired in the theater shop. They both have their pluses and minuses. What to give preference to is solely up to you. However, it should be noted that using conventional tonal resources, contour pencils, eyeshadow, lipstick, and mascara will exude the wonders of ingenuity. Still, it will not provide the variety of solutions that special theater makeup has to offer.

Such cosmetics are sold in specialized theater stores. They are designed for a bright spotlight, and they take into account the fact that the audience will be some distance from you. This type of makeup is bright, catchy, and has a heavy, oily texture to it. For example, the tone literally has to be put on the face with a thick layer. The skin gets tired of it and puts up a great resistance, causing it to leak; thus, at the top of the tone layer you will have to apply a lot of powder. Inexperienced users usually find that theater makeup is difficult to remove.

All of this sounds discouraging, but Halloween occurs only once a year. In general, you can afford to try and use it.

To come up with makeup styles for Halloween, look through photos, videos, and music clips of your favorite rock bands or movies. You can bring to life your favorite movie villains or copy some rock star’s style, whose live performances can be similar to a Halloween show. Make sure to add to your makeup the appropriate Halloween costume and wig to go scare friends and acquaintances. Believe me, your efforts will not be in vain; you will experience a positive and unforgettable time. Make your life brighter and create an unforgettable makeup style on Halloween!

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