Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes

A woman of mystery, an unread book, a woman whose eyes hide the whole universe; that's what is said about women with hazel eyes. A complex combination of green, amber, and hazel, variability depending on the lighting, the predominant color in the clothes, or even one’s mood— all of these qualities make such eyes special. There is something magical in them and, perhaps, hazel eyes can even argue with green. How do you emphasize the individuality of such a beautiful color?

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Hazel eyes: Makeup that emphasizes their beauty Hazel eyes: Makeup that emphasizes their beauty
Makeup for hazel eyes: the secrets and peculiarities Makeup for hazel eyes: the secrets and peculiarities

The makeup for hazel eyes includes a variety of colors blended seamlessly into each other:

The first option of makeup for hazel eyes is in shades of beige. The base shades you should apply are light beige, white, sand, peach, or apricot. The dominant shade may be blue-gray or the color of jewels: gold, silver, bronze, and pearl.

The second option is a bright makeup done in blue. It is perfect for parties or if you want to try something new, unusual, and fresh. If you have hazel eyes, this is the rare case where you can safely use blue. Or instead of blue, you can also choose from ultramarine, lavender, or purple.

And now something that absolutely does not fit hazel eyes. Ironically, it is shades of green that make hazel eyes dull, as well as the colors gray and hot pink. By all means, avoid these colors if you have hazel eyes. All sorts of rhinestones and sequins, metallic lusters, unusual winged eyeliner, and colors of eyelashes—all of these will be very appropriate to look at during celebrations or when you’ve gone out, but not for the day.

Study pictures and other useful information to experiment with, to create is the only way to achieve your most favored results. Using the services of a makeup artist is certainly welcome, but not everyone can afford to do it often. In addition, it is very interesting to achieve something on your own and it can be a rewarding experience. In the end, who else but you knows what suits your eyes best? In this regard, makeup for hazel eyes provides a great opportunity for diversity; the main thing is to outline the general direction and leave the details for later.

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