Makeup Rules for Green Eyes

A pure emerald color of the iris is a rare gift of nature. The sages of the East considered a bright emerald color of the iris at its highest energy center through its vibration, affecting the peace of mind of men. And skillful makeup is the thing that can set these vibrations on the desired wave of their possessors.

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Makeup that emphasizes the beauty of green eyes Makeup that emphasizes the beauty of green eyes
Makeup for green eyes: Secrets and Features Makeup for green eyes: Secrets and Features

The Features of Makeup for Green Eyes

Homogeneous green color of the iris, which is the absolute fusion of yellow and blue pigments, is a rarity. In most cases we are dealing not with a homogeneous color of the iris, but one with splashes of gray, blue, red, brown, black, and any other colors in their diversity. And because of this heterogeneity such eyes tend to change their color depending on the time of day, light, weather, and even mood. Such eyes are able to get dark with anger, acquire a gray shade from fright, and turn bright with joy.

In conjunction with skin tone and hair color the rich palette of green eyes gives unlimited space for makeup artists to fantasize and create. And there is the same space for unprofessional errors for those who do their makeup themselves.

Makeup Rules for Green Eyes That You'd Better Not Break

★ When creating eye makeup for a green tint of the iris, eyebrow correction cannot be neglected. Light or thin eyebrows should be dyed, and their form must have a clear outline.

★ Women with green eyes and brown hair should take into account that the color of their eyebrows should match the color of their hair.

★ Avoid the use of monochrome eye shadows of the same color as the iris.

★ Any gray eye shadows should be complemented by other colors, especially makeup for gray-green eyes.

★ Even if a pink color suits you, do not use pink eye shadows, it's better to transfer it to your lips. But you can use shades of red-violet.

★ It's better not to use a blue color in the makeup for green eyes at all; it is a conditional color taboo. Blue and green are considered mutually exclusive. However, we should mention that the trend of the season sometimes destroys all sorts of rules.

★ Dark green eyes compliment a clear framing; light green eyes should avoid saturated eye liner "in a circle." It is better to line the inner corner of the eye with eye shadows of the same color palette.

★ Light shades of green eyes do not allow the use of really dark tones in the makeup. In addition to the dim look, it will make your face look tired and heavy.

Green Eyes Makeup

Green eyes are perfectly combined with a broad palette of eye shadows; however, the priority should be given to all the warm colors—turquoise, greenish-yellow, the color of moss, beige, brown, etc. The exception in this rule is for young brunettes and blondes with a cold color type of skin. In this case, cool silver and purple eye shadows will look quite harmonious, but only in combination with evening dresses. If the evening image is perfectly thought out, the bright green eyes can be charmingly combined with plum and dark violet eye shadows. The combination of green and gray eye shadows looks great as well.

It is desirable to comply with this rule: eye shadows shouldn't be more than three colors darker than the iris; otherwise a transparent, faded effect will appear in the eyes.

The same can be said of mascara. Very light shades of green eyes suggest moderate use of mascara, preferably of a gray color.

Green-eyed girls using "cat eyes" makeup look very impressive.

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