Makeup for Gray Eyes

Gray eyes tend to have a peculiar charm. They are not as bright as blue eyes, and not as unusual as green, but they definitely have a unique quality to them. To emphasize this quality, we are going to provide you with some tips on the best eye makeup for gray eyes. If you have gray eyes, makeup will make them more expressive and beautiful. However, there are some secrets and subtleties and that is what will be discussed in this article.

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Make-up for Gray Eyes: the Secrets of Stylists Makeup Artists Make-up for Gray Eyes: the Secrets of Stylists Makeup Artists
Tutorial how to do beautiful makeup for gray eyes Tutorial how to do beautiful makeup for gray eyes

What colors suit gray eyes? The undoubted leader is silver. A silver shimmer will add some mystery and depth to your look and transform your whole appearance in general. White, lemon, light purple, lavender, or peppermint can be successfully used in makeup for gray eyes. As a basis, we can use gray and beige, blue-gray, brown, and pale pink. If you want more brightness, you should choose blue, purple, yellow, and orange.

Avoid the colors blue, turquoise, and green. When it comes to other colors, your imagination is not limited by anything. If we divide the entire spectrum of colors in the palette between warm and cold, both would still suit gray eyes. Makeup for gray eyes looks perfect with golden brown shades. The smoky eyes makeup technique look fantastic on gray eyes; we can even say that this style was made just for them. Different techniques of applying makeup will help you correct any shortcomings. With some people, gray eyes can change color depending on the light, the color of their clothes, and their makeup choice. This feature can also be used to your advantage.

For the most part, your makeup style must match the setting you are in. In the office, bright "war paint" will be inappropriate and will only bring on unnecessary questions. A discreet nude makeup will lose its charm in the glow of the evening or under festive lights. Your daily makeup should be calm and bright, whereas evening makeup is better suited for bright, showy shades. Professional makeup artists offer a huge variety of options; some of these ideas are unusual, unexpected, and daring.

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