Eye Makeup for Violet Eyes

Violet eyes are a rarity and a priceless gift from nature. There is something unusual and captivating about them, and with their unique color it is impossible to forget them.

Some believe that violet and blue (navy blue) is the same color, but this is not so. Violet requires a special approach, and makeup shades for violet eyes is completely different.

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How to make a beautiful makeup for Violet Eyes? How to make a beautiful makeup for Violet Eyes?
Make-up for Violet Eyes: the Secrets of Stylists Makeup Artists Make-up for Violet Eyes: the Secrets of Stylists Makeup Artists

Purple, light purple, and dark purple are welcome choices for violet eyes. In other words, the entire violet-purple palette is at your disposal. It will greatly enhance your natural eye color and transform you into a film star, a princess, or a fairy sorceress, depending on what you are going for.

Gray shades, with or without a metallic sheen, are also very harmonious with violet eyes. Many people like the noble and discreet anthracite in combination with silver. You can also try shades of brown: dark brown, beige, and gold. Put a little bit of eyeshadow under the brow, or continue onto the eyelid beyond the outer corners of the eye.

In general, the range of shades you can pick can be of contrasting tones or fall within the color of your iris. What absolutely will not work, however, are: blue, green, or red shades. As is true with other makeup techniques, you can try different options because everything is individual.

An excellent result is an attempt at the smoky eyes technique. Its mist gives a soft and tender quality to violet eyes, which already have quite a lot to begin with. Like a cloud, this tenderness will wrap you up in an atmosphere of pleasant feelings.

However, this does not mean that other techniques of makeup are not suitable here. Smoky eyes are just a win-win situation that is guaranteed to provide a one-hundred percent positive result.

Violet eyes are the eyes of a true sorceress who gives the world light and fabulous, charming beauty. Emphasize their beauty with skillful makeup application and stunning success is guaranteed!

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