Classical Vertical Eye Makeup Technique

Classical vertical eye makeup technique helps you create a great image quickly and without any problems. This simple makeup will look very stylish and interesting, delicately adjusting the shape and giving an excellent result. The eyes will look bigger and the look will be wide open.

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An example of the art of classical vertical eye makeup An example of the art of classical vertical eye makeup
Classic vertical technique of eye makeup - scheme Classic vertical technique of eye makeup - scheme

First of all, the vertical technique is suitable for narrow or medium eyes. Do not use it on bulging or round eyes.

What is the vertical eye makeup technique?

In this technique, eye shadows are applied and shaded vertically. First, it is best to apply primer, which will leave your makeup more durable. After the primer, start applying eye shadows beginning from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner, from bright colors to the dark ones. Three to five colors that are chosen according to color types or personal preferences are usually used. Classical vertical eye makeup technique provides a chance to be creative. It is one of the virtues that make so many girls love it. For many women, makeup is creativity that allows them to express themselves and at the same time to become better, to improve, and to bring a little beauty into the world...

Do not forget eyebrows and eyelashes. Natural eyebrows of a slightly adjusted shape are in fashion. The highest point of the eyebrow should be just above the middle of the eye; this rule will help create the perfect eyebrow shape and reinforce the effect of the vertical eye makeup. The color of your eyebrow pencil should match the color of your hair. As for your eyelashes, black mascara is perfect. If you are going out, apply several coats of mascara, making short breaks to give a little time for the mascara to dry.

In general, the classical vertical eye makeup technique is not too difficult. With a little practice, you'll do it without hesitation. It is appropriate for everyday use and for special occasions, the only thing is to change the color of the eye shadows. For daytime makeup, you should choose more discreet natural tones.

We wish you success in mastering this classical vertical eye makeup technique!

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