The Age Makeup

Irresistible elegance and self-confidence is what distinguishes ladies from young girls. If you are over 40, you should approach the application of decorative cosmetics with age in mind. This will let you achieve the best results and maintain a perfect appearance. Here we will discuss the intricacies of creating age makeup.

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Irresistible elegance and self-confidence Irresistible elegance and self-confidence
Subtleties of creating age makeup Subtleties of creating age makeup

How is age makeup different?

Choice of colors is, above all else, the important aspect. Choose light shadows and shades of lipstick. Use dark lipstick with caution and only for special cases. Instead of a black contour pencil for the eyebrows and black eyeliner, choose brown. Don’t go for sharpness and clarity, just aim for smooth, gradual transitions and careful shading. Beige, gray, olive, peach, or a pale pink are perfect for age makeup.

Discard the nacre. Pearlescent shadows and lipstick shades with gloss are certainly nice, but not for adult women. Nacre emphasizes wrinkles and can appear to add a dozen years. Instead, settle on the choice of matte lipstick shades and shadows.

Use concealer, powder, and blush sparingly. There is nothing worse than an excess amount of makeup on the face. Lying down thick tones captured in the wrinkles around the eyes, too much powder, or an intense color of blush will definitely not add a sense of beauty and attractiveness. Choose light and subtle tonal resources instead, gently smoothing the skin and masking any flaws.

Age is not a hindrance beauty! The age makeup Age is not a hindrance beauty! We do age makeup

Do not put eyeliner on your lower lashes, or if you decide to, be sure to keep it to a minimum.

Highlight your eyes. As you know, the eyes are the windows to the soul, and the eyes of experienced women can contain many secrets and mysteries. Play with this type of makeup; emphasize the beauty of your eyes, making them brighter and more expressive. For the lips, choose a lipstick of natural, calm shades. And finally, leave it to the youth and do not choose lip gloss over the aforementioned shades!

Take care of your eyebrows. Eyebrows are the frame of your face. If eyebrows are shaped correctly, it creates a favorable impression and makes you look younger. However, do not tweeze your eyebrows to a thread because it will give the opposite effect. Instead, you can pencil in your eyebrows and apply shades using a brush.

Love yourself and use age makeup to remain irresistibly youthful!

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