The Main Secret of Evening Makeup

Do you know how much time is spent by a professional makeup artist to create a complete luxurious image? Only a few hours! It would seem that it is not difficult, just apply makeup to the eyelashes, apply eye shadows, and draw the eyebrows...It turns out that the main forces of the makeup artist are not pulled out at the scenery, but at the preparation of the "stage" for it.

The basis of luxurious evening makeup is beautiful and healthy skin. Not all of us can boast this gift of nature; moreover, not all of those glamorous models, whose faces give us an enticing look from the cover of glossy magazines, can boast it. The photographer has a great tool—Photoshop. What is the tool of a woman? She has a beautician! Professional makeup artists are able to use a set of makeup products, as the photographer of a glossy magazine cover is able to use Photoshop. That is what we are going to learn now.

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How to avoid mistakes evening makeup? Answers here How to avoid mistakes evening makeup? Answers here
Evening make-up - step by step instructions creating a luxurious way Evening make-up - step by step instructions creating a luxurious way

How to Avoid Mistakes in Applying Evening Makeup

Practice shows that the main miscalculations often happen at the stage of ideas for the future image. To avoid this, consider the following:

★ Your evening dress. Your image should be harmonious, not only in color but also in style.

★ Lighting. Well, it would be great if you know where you are going to "shine" today. Even the restaurant can be brightly lit or you can be offered to sit at a table in the dim light of candles or table dumps. Model the situation in front of the mirror and see how different the effect is. However, the makeup should always be made in bright light.

★ Movement. Are you going to a disco party or anticipate a languid style romantic evening? Different images require different makeup.

★ Test makeup. Make a test makeup the day before. Do not forget to put on everything you intend to wear, including jewelry. If any element of your makeup is not combined with jewelry—give the preference to the latter.

★ Resistance of the created image. If you are going to a nightclub, where you are going to dance a lot and not limit yourself in different pleasures, make sure that by the end of the party everything is “in its place" on your face.

★ Never use lipstick and blush that do not match in colors.

★ The golden rule of makeup: to avoid a vulgar image the focus is made either on the lips or the eyes, never on both at once.

★ If you draw arrows, they have to be perfect.

★ Never use evening makeup during the day, even if the occasion is solemn and special. Evening makeup looks great only in artificial light.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Creating a Luxurious Image

  1. In the first stage the main focus is on the skin. If you didn't make a deep peeling mask in advance, then now it's too late to make it, but a light one will not harm. Make it in the morning, and then let the skin breathe and use a non-invasive facial massage with olive oil. Rinse with water without soap (you may clean your hands a few times while making it) and then blot dry with a paper towel.
  2. If your eyebrows require dyeing and adjustment, it is better to do it the day before.
  3. Wipe skin with a tonic or frozen cubes of green tea.
  4. It is not recommended to apply a day cream just before the makeup, as it makes your face heavier. It is advisable to use a cream with a lifting effect.
  5. Apply primer on the skin. Be very careful with the preparation of the skin on the mobile eyelid, use only proven products. Eye shadows shouldn't roll down.
  6. Take care of your eyebrows; this is a very important point. Brown-haired women should make sure that the color of their eyebrows does not go against their hair color.
  7. Apply a foundation according to skin tone. Evening makeup allows for a bold use of this product, but don't turn your face into a mask, and remember that too dark a tone makes your face look older. Do not forget that the foundation should be applied not only to the face, but also to the neck and décolleté, if it is different from the color of your skin.
  8. Even if your makeup does not suggest the use of white pencil, slide it over the line of eyelashes on the lower eyelid—this will make your look fresh and will help to open your eyes visually.
  9. Apply mascara in several stages, allowing it to dry completely. Then brush the eyelashes, and, if necessary, bend them with the eyelash curler.
  10. Clean the eyelids from traces of mascara with the help of a cotton swab with cosmetic milk on it.
  11. The tone of a concealer should be lighter than the tone of foundation in order to correct problem areas. If they are too obvious, for example a red skin rash, use a concealing stick which includes salicylic acid for an anti-inflammatory effect in order not to worsen the problem.
  12. Apply eye shadows.
  13. Proceed to sculpting your makeup, using the highlighter and/or bronzer. Using a combination of light and dark shades, you can visually adjust the shape and features of your face.
  14. Blush will help to contour the shape of your face. We will consider methods of application to faces of different shapes separately.
  15. Adjust the shape of the lips using a contour pencil that matches with the color of the lipstick. Times when the contour of the lips could be a few shades darker are long gone.
  16. Apply the lipstick and then blot it with a napkin and put one more coat of lipstick.
  17. Make sure that the lipstick does not stain your teeth, and if this happens, refuse it. Do not expect that you will be careful and will be able to avoid it.

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