Evening make up. Lipstick for going out to a restaurant

Whether you're getting a cup of coffee with some friends or going out to dinner with a guy you're seeing, it's important to be on top of your makeup. More importantly, your lipstick. You can put on nothing but lip gloss, or you can give your lips the maximum attention by underlining them with a lipstick and a lip pencil. The main thing is to decide how you want to look. Would you rather be natural and charming, or remarkable, mysterious and sexy? Each variant has its own undeniable advantages.

Advantages of natural make up

Universality is considered to be the undoubted advantage of natural make up. It goes well with almost every outfit, while make up in the style “vamp” requires appropriate clothing and line of conduct. If you are not sure what to choose the right thing is to show preference for natural make up. The main rule that should be followed is to apply a lipstick in no more than one layer. If natural make up is done perfectly, a man won’t even notice it and will only think that his girlfriend looks extremely fascinating and attractive.

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Advantages of natural makeup Advantages of natural makeup
Trekking in the restaurant - one more reason to look amazing! Trekking in the restaurant - one more reason to look amazing!
For this option, select a transparent or pearly neutral lip gloss.

Advantages of bright make up

There is no doubt that among men there are many admirers of flashy beauty. The image of “vamp” lady and temptress always attracts the attention of men. If your boyfriend is one of them, fell free to apply bright make up with colorful accents. It is important to remember that if you decide to apply contrasting make up, use a resistant lipstick – the traces of your lips on a glass of champagne or on your boyfriend’s face won't be attractive.

Tips for applying bright lipstick

★ When choosing a lipstick, consider the individual characteristics of your appearance. Never use red and coral colors if you have narrow lips – that visually makes lips look even thinner and it seems that the mouth was “cut through” on the face. To mask this feature, apply a drop of lip gloss in the middle of your lower lip.

★ Avoid dark lip lines if you're using a deep-brown lipstick.

★ Use deep red lipstick colors which suit your type of appearance.

★ Pick a lipstick that matches your clothes, accessories, or just a bright color which harmonizes well with everything you're wearing. Adjust the shape of lips with a lip pencil, then apply lipstick. Lipstick should fill up the entire outline.

★ To make lipstick last longer, fix it with powder or with a special eye shadow base. Before applying lipstick, cover your lips with a thin layer of this substance. Transparent lip gloss adds some juiciness to lips.

Above all, remember that it should only emphasize one thing in your evening make up. Do not go too far with bright colors, wishing to outshine other women. Another important rule is to make your eyes darker if you put on bright lipstick. Accordingly, bright eye make up requires a dim lipstick.

Follow these tips and you are ready to go to out on the town! You will certainly look excellent and earn a lot of compliments. Enjoy the holidays with your new look!

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