Year of the Monkey Makeup: Natural, Bold, Desired

The Monkey has a good character, so it's not hard to please. You can constantly change the images, applying your makeup according to your mood and circumstances. The Monkey reacts favorably to any of your choices; the most important thing is not to be dull and boring.

The active Monkey does not tolerate boredom. Whether in long trips or short walks, hikes in the woods, trips out of town, or just visits to friends, it is clear that in such circumstances makeup should not be overthought. The priority is convenience and comfort, a reasonable minimalism.

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Year of the Monkey Makeup: Natural, Bold, Desired Year of the Monkey Makeup: Natural, Bold, Desired

At the same time, the monkey loves unusual and bright elements. Therefore, for special occasions you should try a complex, dramatic makeup look. Emphasize your personality using colored eyeliner and mascara or a variety of shades of pearl eye shadows. Their magic shine will delight the Monkey and bring you good luck.

Makeup in 2004: Green (Wood) Monkey Recommendations

In the year of the Green (Wood) Monkey, natural makeup is particularly relevant. Wood symbolizes naturalness and harmony with nature, the balance and interaction between the outer and inner world. Give your eyebrows a natural shape with the help of light brown eye shadows on the eyelids. Apply eye shadows of beige or light brown shades and then a light lip gloss to finish off your image. Natural makeup requires experience, even if you've done nothing of the sort. And if not, the year of the Green Monkey is the time to try it.

The opposite trend of 2004 was bright, bold, and contrasting makeup. An emphasis was placed on the eyes; with the help of smooth color transitions, magical, fantastic, and beautiful 3-D effects were created. The more different shades that were used, the better. Silver was trendy with its spectacular and fabulous shimmer.

Of course, women chose colors of green, beige, and brown to meet the likings of the Green Monkey. These colors were widely used in clothes, makeup, and accessories.

Makeup in 2016 Red (Fire) Monkey: A Study in Scarlet

According to the Eastern calendar, 2016 was the year of the Red (Fire) Monkey. Fire symbolizes passion, impulsiveness, courage, and openness. At the forefront there are red, terracotta, purple, and orange shades which create a strong impression when combined with ash-gray. In the year of the Fire Monkey, wear evening dresses of a flame color, paint your lips with matte red lipstick and you will feel like something is changing inside you. You will have more confidence and inner strength. Such things affect one’s perception of the world.

Or maybe it is that the legendary Fire Monkey notices our attempts and begins to help us?

The lipstick should be treated separately - it can be red, purple, or even black. If the focus is not on the lips but on the eyes, the eye shadows should also be black, anthracite, or dark gray. Along with the color red, fine ashy shades are a fashionable trend in the Fire Monkey year.

Makeup in 2028: Yellow (Ground) Monkey Year

It is up to you whether to believe in predictions or not. Some people are skeptical, but that does not mean that one cannot try to make a prediction of future events and trends on the basis of previous experience and the analyzation of existing information about what was fashionable before. 2028 will be the year of the Yellow (Ground) Monkey. Therefore, it is preferable to meet this year in yellow, lemon, and various shades of green and brown.

Skillfully combining these colors you can achieve unusual and quite spectacular results. Real gold jewelry or imitation jewelry, gold shades of makeup, or even shimmering gold particles on the cheeks will give your image a special symbolism. Let 2028 bring only pleasant events, luck, and success in all your endeavors!

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