The Surprise of the Year of the Pig Makeup

The straight and honest Pig does not tolerate any tricks. The Pig's opinion is simple: beauty should be natural, or at least look as such. Natural make-up and the effect of a clean face are the most fashionable in the year of the Pig.

On the other hand, the Pig is cheerful and good-natured. It will appreciate a good joke and it likes to joke. Therefore, trends that the Pig follows are playful, unusual, and bold images, both in clothes and in make-up. Do not take your appearance too seriously; think of it like a fun game. Try wearing skirts fashioned after a military style with exquisite and delicate lace, eye shadows of all colors, and colorful mascara - play, experiment, combine incongruously and do not be afraid to seem strange.

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The Surprise of the Year of the Pig Makeup The Surprise of the Year of the Pig Makeup

Oddities in the year of the Pig are fashionable and relevant as ever.

Makeup in 2007 - the Red Pig goes on the offensive

Determined, passionate, impetuous, the Red Pig knows no barriers. It approaches its goals bravely, overcoming any obstacles. The Year of the Red Pig was in 2007 and it brought us vivid, memorable fashion ideas! Enchanting colors of eye shadows and mascara, pale purple lipstick, and pearl blush made the models and all those who dared to try something like that into fabulous fairies and princesses from unknown worlds.

Of course, the color red dominated contradicting the gray boring weekdays, creating a festive atmosphere, and giving strong impressions and emotions.

Some words about the color red. A lot depends on choosing to wear it - not only does one’s mood and perception of the world come into play, but even well-being does. In moderate amounts, the color red places a necessary emphasis on your look. A lot of red has an even greater impact. You will agree that a woman in red is impossible to forget! Therefore, you should have the courage to buy red shoes, a red dress or coat, or some bright red lipstick - even if you have never done it before.

Makeup in 2019 - Yellow Pig challenges

Time runs quickly, so before you know it 2019 will have arrived, which will be the year of the Yellow (earth) Pig. In the year of the Yellow Pig you should keep to the roots and not try too hard to snatch stars from the sky. Classic is especially trendy, but this classic is unusual, challenging stereotypes and breaking barriers.

When the Pig is dispersed, it is difficult to stop it, no matter how strong the fence is. If you are going for the classic smoky eyes look, then use an unusual palette of shadows. If you focus on the lips, have your pick at a nontrivial lipstick color.

The most daring girls will like the idea of colored eyebrows or the tips of the eyelashes. Makeup in the year of the Yellow Pig is a great way to stand out from the crowd and attract attention, to express yourself. Follow your intuition and you will have good luck!

Makeup in 2031 - White Pig strives forward

The future beckons with uncertainty, and many may wonder what the makeup of the year of the White (Metal) Pig will look like. This year will be in the distant (or perhaps not so distant) year of 2031. It is likely that by that time the leading cosmetics manufacturers will offer us entirely new, unparalleled products.

Or there will be new ideas that are impossible to imagine now. In any case, the makeup of the Year of the Pig will necessarily surprise us and inspire us with new bold actions and achievements in various fields of activity. Change your life for the better together with the Pig and be happy!

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