The Year of the Rat Makeup: All Shades of Gray

The Year of the Rat makeup is a time-tested classic, in which there is no place for outrageous antics or elements that are too bright. The neat and restrained Rat loves elegant images. It particularly likes gray, and the Rat will prove to everyone that gray is not boring. Smoky gray eyes will make your look deep and bewitching. Dark gray eyeliner will gently and delicately accentuate the color of the eyes, and in combination with silver accessories it can be a wonderful evening variant worthy of the Hollywood carpet.

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The Year of the Rat Makeup: All Shades of Gray The Year of the Rat Makeup: All Shades of Gray

The Rat is extremely intelligent and sees no reason to hide it. After all, the mind is the thing that inspires respect and sometimes even some caution. It will play with you, but will keep some distance and would not resort to cheap tricks. Its distinguishing feature is its immaculate style and even some aristocracy with the complete absence of even a hint of vulgarity.

The Year of the Rat is the year of a rational approach to everything, particularly in the creation of makeup.

What was the makeup in 2008, the Year of the Yellow Rat?

In 2008, which was the year of the Yellow (Earth) Rat, the stage was set with warm and earthy tones. Pink, sand, ocher, the color of wet asphalt, brown, khaki, it seemed like the stylists aimed not just to go back to mother nature, but to completely merge with the surrounding landscape. Of course, to greet the Yellow Rat year you should wear anything yellow. Those who don’t like to wear yellow could replace it with gray or any other solid, not too bright color. The main thing is to avoid mixing excessively tacky makeup and clothes.

The Rat approves modesty. Internal content is important to it, rather than the bright wrapper.

What will the makeup in 2020 be, the Year of the White Rat?

2020 will be the year of the White (Metal) Rat. The element of Metal will further strengthen the character of a small, but strong and quick-witted animal for which fashion trends are not at all a guide to action. The Metal Rat dictates its own conditions and creates its own fashion. Its taste can be trusted as the Rat, like no other, is an expert in displaying a competent and thoughtful style.

To please the Metal Rat you should get corresponding accessories: small ornaments of precious metals for example, or a belt or bag with the "gold" or "silver" luster. Flickering eye shadows and pearl lipstick will successfully complement the set, giving the appearance a certain futuristic feature or conversely, returning to the era of disco.

Makeup Trends in 2032, the Year of the Blue (Water) Rat

Everything flows and everything changes. This fact refers to the element of water. Supple water takes different forms, adapting to different conditions, without changing its essence. The same thing is happening in fashion. To adapt to the circumstances, to be able to apply makeup on a whim, using high quality tools at a low cost will surely be the makeup trend in 2032. The Water Rat loves cool colors ranging from light blue and ending with a deep dark blue that almost looks black. Particularly relevant are white or clear, bluish cool colors. And, of course, gray would again be suitable for any occasion thanks to its versatility.

Restrained, elegant lines and sophisticated colors are features of the makeup of the Blue Rat. Similar trends are suitable not only to business women, but also to all who want to be in on the trend and lead a secular lifestyle. Common sense, wisdom, and the insight of the Rat will never be superfluous and will have an impact on every year that passes under its patronage.

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