Secrets and Tricks of the Makeup of the Year of the Snake

It seems that the wise and prudent Snake does not do anything to attract attention. Quite the contrary, it tries to blend with its environment and stay in the shadows. Yet the Snake somehow always makes a great impression: people listen to it, it is respected, and admired. It does this without needing to raise its voice or wear a bright dress, because it is the owner of impeccable taste. It knows exactly how to emphasize its strengths and the trends that are currently the height of fashion. The Snake is quite conservative, and any innovations are treated mistrustfully. But if it likes something, it will categorically reject it. She just needs time to get used to the new. Even if this new is well forgotten old.

The Snake quietly achieves its goals. It is very persistent; if the Snake starts the cause, we can be sure that everything will be done as it should.

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Secrets and Tricks of the Makeup of the Year of the Snake Secrets and Tricks of the Makeup of the Year of the Snake

Features of the Makeup in 2013 Year of the Blue (Water) Snake

2013 was the year of the Blue (Water) Snake and it pleased women of fashion with the triumphant return of classic blue eye shadows. Women, nostalgic for the distant 70s, could rejoice: blue eye makeup ceased to be old-fashioned. Along with coral and mint, the Water Snake welcomed the blue color in all its manifestations.

Needless to say, each year of the Snake "snake" prints are trendy, which can be found in clothing, makeup and accessories. This pattern has some magical charm to it.

By the way, in small quantities you should try to use it in other years as it is sure to bring good luck!

What will be the Makeup Style in 2025, the Year of the Green (Wood) Snake?

The Snake will especially like the color green in 2025. It is best to create the image of a dangerous predator, a deceptive calmness that will mislead no one. Find your shade of green and you will be pleased with the Snake. If you think that green is not your color, you can try any other natural shade reminiscent of the wild. Light shine reminiscent of the splendor of snake skins gives a glamorous charm to such any makeup style.

The cyclic nature of fashion will not pass the makeup style of the year of the Snake; this creature isn’t against going back to what it was. It's hard to say which period will have an impact on the makeup of the year of the Green Snake. Maybe 2016, 2017?

In any case, tracking fashion trends is very useful. Doing so will please the Snake. Be sure to also make a good impression on others, build up a certain image. Never forget, people judge you by your appearance.

Makeup of the Year 2037, the Year of the Red (Fire) Snake Challenges

Fire represents strength, passion, emotion, and unpredictability. Sometimes it's worth to let it out and express your desires by sporting a daring and creative makeup style. In 2037, which will be the year of the Fire Snake, fashion trend will have bright motifs. Create unforgettable images in bright red colors, erase the cold and boredom, maintain a good mood, and have fun at parties!

It is likely that many of the techniques are so unusual that it is not suitable for everyday use. The difference between day and evening makeup becomes even more apparent. However, we all know that it exists, so this fact is not news to you. The Snake is a master of disguise, it is able to adapt to any circumstance. You should take an example from it in the year of the Red Snake!

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