Deceptive Simplicity: Natural Makeup

So natural makeup is when the makeup is almost invisible on the face. Natural makeup is suitable for any situation in which you want to look natural. Wearing such makeup, you seem to almost not be wearing any.

But don’t be fooled, the natural Natural look is not so simple to create. To achieve invisibility is a science, and here we will reveal its secrets.

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The first thing you should know is that Natural makeup varies depending on your appearance and the color of your hair and eyes. Things that are suitable for blondes will not fit brunettes, and vice versa. Brunettes have the most advantageous position; they are bold enough to create different styles of Natural makeup.

But even for brown-haired girls, it's better to stick to one formula: a flawless skin tone plus a bright color accent. Pick a foundation that’s the closest to your skin color. It must be of good quality and make the skin absolutely flat.

Now decide which feature you want to emphasize - eyes or lips.

Everything pink fits blondes: soft pink foundation, lipstick, eye shadow, blush (use blush exclusively in the evening when going out; refrain from using blush during the daytime). Do not forget to use eyeliner and to put on mascara; otherwise, you run the risk of looking too pale and colorless.

Natural shades of beige best fit brunettes. It's up to you whether you want to shade or leave a clear line. Choosing eye shadows is already difficult, but it is especially difficult when attempting the Natural look. The main rule is cold eye shadows colors best fit cold eye colors, and warm ones will best fit warm eye colors. For example, if you have blue eyes, choose eye shadows of gray, blue, light blue, purple, and silver shades. If you have brown or green eyes, choose brown, pink, and golden eye shadows.

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Put on light brown matte lipstick or apply a foundation, covering it with a lip gloss. You have completed the natural look! Many will not notice that you are wearing makeup. But you'll look better and neat!

Natural Makeup Beautiful Style - Many prefer natural makeup because they are tired of seeing many women wear and adundance of makeup and appear “caked”. We are sure you'll also like this Natural look. Comfortable, modest, and emphasizing one’s natural beauty, natural makeup will certainly win your heart.

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