The Whole Truth About Plumping Lips at Home

Let’s face it ladies, we live in the cruel world of men. So a rich inner world is certainly good, but we should also care about beauty in the world. Of course, the canons of beauty change over time and what was once thought of as beautiful is no longer attractive.

What attracts the modern man? Plump, seductive lips.

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How to increase the lips at home How to increase the lips at home
What attracts the modern man? Plump, seductive lips. What attracts the modern man? Plump, seductive lips.

Not all women are endowed by nature with such lips, but don't get upset - there are many ways to increase the size of one’s lips at home. You don’t even have to go to a plastic surgeon, especially because it’s too expensive and not always safe. You should think carefully about every surgery before deciding to go through with it.

Here we will look at different options for how to increase your lips at home.

Option One: Cosmetics

Skillful use of lipstick helps to achieve amazing visual effects. Lips will seem plumper if you know how to paint them. If you have thin lips, you shouldn't use matte lipstick. It is better to use lipstick with a pearly radiance or a light textured lip gloss. Shades that are too dark will not suit you - no burgundy, violet, or wine red! Choose light colors, because they make anything visually bigger. While using a lip pencil, draw a line on the outside, not on the inside of your contour. This will help increase the lips at home and make you irresistible!

Seductive lips always true. How to increase my lips? Seductive lips always true. How to increase my lips?
The right makeup emphasizes chic lips! The right makeup emphasizes chic lips!

Option Two: People's "Grandmother" Means

Do not neglect the people's means, they bring the desired effect and are available for cheap. Here are some people's means that will help make your lips bigger at home in only a few hours:

★ Pepper. Mill a fresh pepper pod and pour the boiling water at a rate of one glass of water per pod. Cool to an acceptable temperature, impregnate a piece of cloth with the obtained solution, and apply to the lips for 10 to 20 minutes. Warning: it will burn a lot! Not everyone is ready for such a test.

★ Ice. Wipe the lips with ice cubes and alternate with a hot towel.

★ Mask of glycerol, petroleum jelly, honey, sugar, and lemon juice. Mix these ingredients in equal parts, warm them in water, and apply the resulting mass on the lips for about 20 minutes.

★ Massage with a toothbrush. A cosmetic massage with a toothbrush of medium hardness will not only increase blood flow to the lips but also exfoliate old, dead skin cells and make the lips softer and tenderer.

Option Three: Exercise

The face is composed of muscles like the rest of the body, and physical exercises can train the facial muscles. In particular, there are exercises that increase the volume of the lips. If you are fairly organized and disciplined to use such trainings at least a little each day, results will not take long.

Here are some of these exercises:

★ Whistle. Whistle every day for fun. You will hardly "whistle money away," but you will definitely make your lips bigger.

★ «Teaser». Making faces in front of the mirror is not only fun but also useful.

★ «Feather". Imagine there is a light feather in the air and blow it hard.

Option Four: Cream and Lipstick

Today you can buy solutions which include so-called "plumpers". In practice, these are extracts of various plants: cinnamon, ginger, peppers. There are also solutions with hyaluronic acid which penetrates under the skin and helps accumulate the water molecule. It does not bring harm, but it creates a feeling of swelling that not everyone likes.

Such means are produced in the form of creams, but there is also lipstick lip plumper. It can be used like a normal lipstick.

In general, each method has both advantages and disadvantages.

Option Five: Lip Augmentation at Home Using a Special Vacuum Device (Pump)

Such devices are gaining more and more popularity which is not surprising: after all, they are entirely safe, easy to use, and the prices are quite democratic. They operate on the principle of the pump producing a kind of vacuum massage, so some people refer to them in such a way. The whole procedure takes only a couple of minutes, which is also important for busy women. How you plump your lips at home is up to you, but you should pay attention to this enhancing beauty tool!

Many have heard about this wonderful tool, but they don't know how to use the lip pump. This is a major obstacle to the purchase. However, there are no difficulties in learning to use it, everything is clear and obvious. The most important thing you should know is that the more often you use the pump, the faster it will have an impact. And the effect lasts for up to six hours!

It is also worth noting that thanks to its simple but careful design, the lip pump has a rejuvenating effect. This is especially important for the mature ladies who want to make their lips not only bigger but also seductively fresh and elastic. The "before" and "after" difference is very noticeable. Your lips will not be far off from Angelina Jolie's and may be even better.

One last thing is worth noting: the lip pump was invented by a woman for women. This fact says a lot. Who except women themselves know their own dreams, aspirations, and needs? Progress does not stand still, so be in the trend and follow the novelties!

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