How to Correct Small Eyes with Makeup

Many dream of big, beautiful, expressive eyes—such as those seen on the models of glossy magazine covers. However, not all of us were so richly endowed by nature. So, what is there to do if you have small eyes? First of all—do not worry and do not lose heart. Each person is unique and has something to offer. The main thing is to emphasize our strengths and hide our weaknesses. Here we'll show you how to correct small eyes with the help of makeup. Makeup in capable female hands is truly a magical tool that can help you solve any problem.

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How to adjust the shape of makeup small eyes How to adjust the shape of makeup small eyes
How to adjust the shape of the eye with the help of make-up: small eyes How to adjust the shape of the eye with the help of make-up: small eyes
The first thing you should know is to say no to black (blue, green, etc.) wings on the inside of the eyelid. This requirement applies not only to small eyes. Even the biggest and most beautiful eyes will seem smaller with such wings. In addition, these wings look ridiculous and are out of fashion. Their time has long ago passed, namely, around the end of the 80s. Therefore, forget these wings once and for all.

If you really want to draw on some wings, make the line on the outer eyelid and carefully fill it in. Do not leave a clear, straight line, instead make the edges blurred. It’s better to use dark eyeshadows, and instead of an eye pencil, use a brush.

A good result is achieved by using a white eye pencil as the contour of the lower eyelid. Using a white eye pencil reflects light back into the eyes and slightly blurs boundaries.

Light eyeshadows should be applied to the inner corner of the eyes and under the eyebrow area. Darker shades should be applied on the outer corner of the eye and then to the temples. The eyes will seem larger and more expressive this way.

Coat your eyelashes with mascara sparingly. A common mistake is eyelashes with clumps that seem glued to each other. It looks terrible. Do not dye eye lashes too passionately, do not try to make them much thicker and longer than they really are. Bright, black, thick, and straight eyelashes can visually reduce the size of one’s eyes.

A controversial but interesting trick is not to apply eye makeup at all, but only apply face foundation and lipstick. Oddly enough, the eyes will look bigger, but this technique is suitable only for bold and confident women.

The question of how to correct small eyes with the help of makeup can be resolved in different ways. Choose the ways you like the most and you will be able to succeed.

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