How to Correct Far-Set Eyes

Not all of us are endowed with a perfect appearance by nature, but with the help of makeup you can get closer to the ideal and correct qualities you desire. Sometimes makeup works wonders, completely transforming the face.

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How to use makeup to correct far-set eyes How to use makeup to correct far-set eyes
How to adjust the far-set eyes with makeup How to adjust the far-set eyes with makeup
Our goal here is to make the eyes seem visually closer to each other. And this goal is quite possible to achieve will the help of makeup.

Let's start with shaping your eyebrows. After forming them, touch them up with an eye pencil a little closer to the bridge of the nose. The second step is applying eyeliner. Many have noticed that clear black wings along the lash line make even normally located eyes appear closer. To achieve this desired effect, try sporting the cat eye or oriental winged eyeliner look, as these wings provide an exquisite, smooth bend.

Next, apply eyeshadows of mid-tones on the eyelids. Apply the darkest shade to the inner corners of the eye and the lightest one to the outer corners of the eye. You can also try applying darker shades of eyeshadows under the eyebrow’s arc.

The smoky eyes makeup technique is perfect for far-set eyes because in the same way wings do, the makeup for smoky eyes completely encircles the eye and allows for the desired results. Plus, the smoky eyes look is still in trend.

Emphasis is made on the inner corners of the eyes at all stages. So when applying mascara, carefully apply several coats over the inner corners of the eyes to make them look longer and thicker.

All eye shapes are beautiful in their own way. If you fulfilled all the conditions, your facial features can gain balance and harmony.

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