Year of the Rooster Makeup: New Facets of Old Traditions

People used to be closer to nature. They breathed fresh air, ate organic foods, and were woken up not by the alarm clock on their phone but by a rooster's cries. Since then, the rooster has become a symbol of something new. The year of the Rooster is favorable for new beginnings, so you can experiment widely, including your makeup style.

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Year of the Rooster Makeup: New Facets of Old Traditions Year of the Rooster Makeup: New Facets of Old Traditions

Be bold and choose bright colors and unexpected combinations. Remember how nice and sympathetic the rooster is with its snowy white or colored feathers. Its feathers are cast by all colors of the rainbow, or resemble perfectly white, clean snow. Looking at it, you want to come up with something just as beautiful. Year of the Rooster makeup should be bright and bold like the feathers of this wonderful bird.

Let's look at what the year of the Rooster looked like in 2005.

Makeup in 2005 Green (Wood) Rooster

Have you heard a child saying "Rooster. A golden comb"? The conceited Rooster loves gold jewelry and anything that even remotely resembles this noble metal. Golden eye shadows, eyeliner, a little gold glitter on the lips and cheeks will delight the Rooster. The Rooster likes to make an impression on an audience, so who would not like it?

In 2005, the trend was the image of the "golden" girl: a little spoiled, a little careless, but so charming that she could be forgiven for her small whims. Her flawless tan skin, expensive perfume, and confident manner were attractive. It was as if the famous heroines of the TV series "Gossip Girl" and "Beverly Hills, 90210" descended from the screens and onto the streets. They were bold and beautiful, rich and famous at every step. Fashion makeup was natural, almost invisible - but, oddly enough, created the impression of wealth and success. In general, the year of the Green Rooster was "fruitful" in terms of glamour.

What Makeup will the 2017 Year of the Red (Fire) Rooster Bring?

Greet the year of the Red (Fire) Rooster in shades of red. However, other colors are also welcome; the Rooster is not against diversity and multicolored paints. The main qualifier is that they are rich and vibrant, and no leopard, tiger, or other cat prints! It just so happened that roosters and cats do not get along with each other.

In 2017 the priority for makeup is based on two classic, time-tested trends which focus on the eyes or lips. In the first case the undisputed leader is smoky gray eyes, in the second the favorites are bright red lipstick paired with a pale skin tone. Fans of creating images in the spirit of Marlene Dietrich can be happy because this trend in the year of the Red (Fire) Rooster will be very relevant. And, of course, gold is everywhere, from the subtle and elegant bracelets worn on the legs to the massive barrette worn in the hair.

Looking to the Future: Makeup 2029 of the Year of the Yellow Rooster

2029 will be the year of the Yellow (Earth) Rooster. More practical and "down to earth" in comparison with its other brothers, the Yellow Rooster welcomes comfort and convenience. You should build a bridge toward beauty not for the sake of others, but for yourself. Is it important what others will say about you if you cannot relax because you are constantly worrying about your mascara flowing, your lips, and so on?

The world, life values, and priorities are constantly mutating, and fashion changes with it. It is becoming more streamlined and concise, but unexpected items that have no practical value look more expressive. Skillfully balance between these different areas during the year of the Rooster and you will find your own irresistible style!

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