Retro Makeup: Beautiful Vintage Style

When we say "retro makeup style", we are referring to the styles of different periods in the twentieth century—the 20s, 50s, and 60s. They have differences, but there is something in common. Retro makeup offers us a glimpse into the past, and allows us to feel like Vivien Leigh, Marilyn Monroe, or Audrey Hepburn. The images created by these great actresses still occupy the minds and hearts of millions.

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So, what is the retro makeup style?

To achieve the exquisite pallor in the retro makeup style, use gentle, loose powder; this was extremely popular among the girls of the past. Your eyebrows should be neat and apply a lot of eyeliner on your eyes to make them look bigger. Eye shadows are usually matte with purple, violet, blue, green, and gray shades. Try to achieve the “cat eyes” effect by making a long, wide, curved wing with eyeliner. The main feature of the retro look is eyeliner and eye shadows applied to the inner corner of the eye and partly on the bridge of the nose. As a result, the look becomes sly and even cunning, similar to the look of a playful and affectionate kitty.

Use mascara to give your eyelashes length and curvature. The color of your lipstick should be rich, bright, and with no shine. Your lips should look seductive and flirty, like “Cupid's bow”. They should attract the looks of others. Do not forget the manicure; it should not have modern "frills". The best way is to paint your nails one solid color, preferably one that matches the color of your lipstick.

It is better to use retro makeup for special occasions, parties, clubs, and theaters. This makeup style is not appropriate for all events due to its brightness and unusualness. However, the retro makeup style conceals a special charm. It is able to transform your look completely, introducing something new and unexpected.

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Choose the right clothes to reinforce the impression. For example, wear a form-fitting dress with polka dots, steady heels of medium length with a narrow strap, and fix your hair in a retro hairstyle. Believe me, you will achieve success. Fashion has a good reason for returning to its roots again and again. Retro Makeup: Beautiful Vintage Style it's very simple

In fact, everything is thought out before us, and the new is the well-forgotten old.

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