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There are many teenagers sporting bright and unusual hairstyles, wearing strange clothes, black nail polish, and ear tunnels. We are talking about the representatives of the youth subculture known as emo. These boys and girls stand out from the crowd by expressing themselves. They are not shy to express their emotions, hence the name of this subculture.

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Many girls are interested in creating this look,

so here we will discuss how to achieve the perfect emo makeup look.

Healthy, smooth skin is key for the creation of any look, and emo makeup is no exception. First, cleanse your skin with the help of special products, and then mask any pimples or red spots if you have any. Your foundation should be lighter than your natural skin color because emo girls should not look tanned. After applying some cream, apply powder and rouge with careful and light moves. Your blush should not be bright; be sure to shade it from the bottom up.

The main focus of the emo look is on the eyes. Use a base for your eye makeup to ensure it retains its original appearance and does not “leak”. The emo look is incomplete without the wings on the eyes, so draw bright, clear wings on your lower eyelids, leading the eyeliner from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. Next, outline your upper eyelids with a light stroke of your eyeliner and connect the two wings. This will help your eyes appear bigger and more expressive.

Use very dark or bright contrasting colors for your eye shadows. For this look, you can apply eye shadow all over your eyelids and up to the eyebrows. You can also apply eye shadow under the lower wing. The main rule is to thoroughly fill your eyelids with eye shadow. The mascara will complete the makeup, extending the eyelashes and giving a dramatic look.

Emo makeup blonde photo Emo makeup blonde photo: @xscene__hairx
Emo makeup brunette Emo makeup brunette

In this case, the lips should not be too bright and eye-catching. It would be the best to apply light pink lipstick or gloss. Along with black, pink is also a very popular color amongst emo girls.

Your image is now ready!

Now the only thing left to do is to get dressed properly and make the fix your hair in an emo hairstyle. Then feel free to go for a walk, a party, to take a selfie, or to arrange a photoshoot. Express your emotions. After all, the emo look is not just about the makeup, the outer shell. The emo look is about your emotions, your essence.

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