60s Makeup Looks: Beautiful 1960 Style

1960s makeup style conquers in its femininity, gentleness, playful lightness. For some people it may seem too romantic, but in fact, the 1960s makeup style is a time-tested classic worth paying attention to with many recognizable features.

The eyes are the window to your soul, and this makeup style does a great job of highlighting the eyes.

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The range of makeup during this time was not so great. The quality of lipsticks back then was not good, and there was not as much makeup as there is today. And many other tools, such as the eyelash curler, had not been invented yet. However, all these difficulties did not affect the final result. The film stars on the magazine covers of those years looked awesome. Looking at them, you see the embodiment of femininity. So let's create unique makeup looks of the 60s!

Smooth, clear skin without flaws is always in fashion. So before applying makeup, be sure to cleanse and moisturize your skin. Then mask any flaws with a concealer and apply the foundation, choosing a shade that is a little lighter than your natural skin tone. Women with dark hair can experiment and choose darker shades to make their skin look darker, such as in the style of Sophia Loren.

Next, use a special primer for your eye makeup. This will prevent your makeup from rolling down during the day. Apply eye shadows of brown or gray tones on the eyelid. Another attribute of the makeup style of this time are expressive and curved wings. Create the “cat eye” look with the help of eyeliner or a black eye pencil and gently draw on the wings. Put mascara on your eyelashes in order to make them look longer, thicker, and curved. Use a bit of light lipstick or gloss of natural pinkish and beige shades. You can also use a small amount of rouge that matches your lipstick tone.

Your 1960s makeup look is almost ready.

The only thing left to do is to get appropriately dressed, comb your hair, and add accessories to get a very interesting and unusual image. You can conquer the world with this makeup. And if you do not need the whole world, then it will help you win the heart of someone special. 1960 Makeup Looks: Beautiful 60s Style in fashion again. Good luck!

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