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If you've seen the film The Great Gatsby, then you know exactly what we’re going to be talking about. And if you have not seen this film, we advise you to watch it. You will not only have a lot of fun, but also plunge into the atmosphere of that distant era, which was the beginning of something new and completely turned the usual lifestyle of many people upside down. The sophisticated, elegant, independent, bold, and at the same time, vulnerable and fragile image of the woman of that time is still amazing and touches people's hearts. Be in the spotlight and become the queen of parties with this fantastic look.

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So what are you waiting for? The Great Gatsby Makeup: Beautiful 1920s Style! Go for it! Imagine for a while that you are a woman of the early twentieth century who fights for her rights, plays sports, and even drives a car!

To create the Gatsby look, choose light, natural shades of foundation. Your eyebrows should have a natural shape, width, and color to them. A win-win option in this makeup style is to apply dark gray eye shadows on the upper and lower eyelids, which encircles the eyes and provides some contour. Eyeliner is also relevant, especially in the outer corners of your eyes to visually enlarge them and make them more expressive. You can also use dark shades of eye shadows such as brown or even black. Create smooth, soft transitions by carefully blending your eye shadows. Put on mascara in several coats, and make them look thick and long.

Next, use a lip pencil and create the contour. Now you can put some powder on your lips and then top it with a lipstick. The Gatsby makeup allows you to experiment with different shades, but do not forget that the main thing is to correspond to the spirit of the era. So every detail matters.

Gatsby style makeup Gatsby style makeup photo: @kris.10.elizabeth
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The Gatsby look requires bright, saturated lipstick colors such as red, cherry, wine, violet, and purple. As a result, the lips become a bright dominant color, creating the impression of a fragile and sensual woman and attracting the attention of many. Using bright lipstick, the women of this time challenged the others, leaving them with a sense of understatement and an unsolved mystery...

To really achieve this look, you must also consider clothes, accessories, jewelry, hair style, and demeanor. Pay close attention to the details and you will be able to conquer every heart with your image.

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