The Gothic Look - Makeup in Gothic Style

Some believe that gothic makeup is suitable only for brunettes, but this is not so. Blondes can also look very gothic because hair color is not a determinant here. All you have to do to pull off this look is to be able to create an expressive, rebellious image using special techniques and tools.

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Before proceeding to the main part, be sure to cleanse and moisturize your face. An abundance of makeup is required to achieve this look, which is an additional burden on your skin. Next, apply foundation; it should be lighter than your natural complexion. The gothic girl is pale and mysterious. She is the creation of the night, the child of darkness, so there shouldn't even be the hint of a tan! Extremely pale and only pale. Moreover, the foundation is applied not only on the face but also on the neck and décolleté. You can correct your face shape with a blush (in this case, black shadows can be applied instead of blush). Another option is to apply blush to the middle of the cheeks, creating the effect of a "gothic doll".

And now for the eyes. Pay attention to your eyebrows, they must be well-groomed and their shape must be suitable to your face. Next, apply a matte black eye shadow on the eyelids. Emphasize the eye form with the help of black eyeliner or an eye pencil. Mascara should be applied in two or three coats and with small time intervals.

Instead of black eyeliner and black eye shadows, you can also use white eyeliner to help emphasize your pallor and create very interesting results.

For your lips, choose dark cherry, violet, or any shade of black lipstick. Also, use a lip liner of the appropriate shade.

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As you can see, it is quite simple to accomplish the gothic look, but the flight of fancy is unlimited; there is no limit to perfection. Improve your skills by studying photos of gothic makeup. Complete the image with a hairstyle and a black outfit and you are ready to go out and challenge society. Gothic makeup is always a challenge. This is an internal looseness, a denial of stereotypes and a particular view of the world. If you are free and relaxed inside and if you are not a stranger to the rebellious spirit and the world of youth subcultures, then the gothic look is specially designed for you.

True Gothic Makeup True Gothic Makeup photo: @gothsunite
Gothic glamor make-up Gothic glamor make-up photo: @gothsunite

Feel free to experiment, try new looks, improve your skills, and gain practical experience. You can love this trend, be interested in it, or take it with a grain of salt. In any case, if you sport this look, you will surely be in the spotlight! Gothic Makeup: - Beautiful Goth Style it's cool!

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